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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Smash and Grab Make up

When I am running late, which is quite often as I am very good at getting everything else ready, just not myself, this is my gotta get going make up. Often applied in the car if hubby is driving!

So here is my smash and grab list!

Beauty Without Cruelty Tinted Moisturiser in Medium
Urban Decay Mineral Foundation in Vision
Sleek Blusher in Coral
Nip and Fab Under Eye Concealer and Brightener
e.l.f Eye Liner Pen in Coffee
Alva Deep Black Mascara
Sleek Pout Polish in Perfect Plum

If I have time I delve in to my Urban Decay Naked Palette, if I don't have time for this then I take a bit of the Sleek blusher and place that in the eye socket.

All of these items never let me down. What are your smash and grab items!


  1. My smash and grab items are:

    maybelline mineral concealer
    matbelline dream matte powder
    wet n wild vanilla and chocolate eye shadow duo
    depotted UDPP
    maybelline colour sensation lipstick in coral pop or pink pearl
    Rimmel sun bronzer

    The lippie pretty much goes with anything, so does the eye shadow duo. The matte powder and concealer for patches of discolouration/spots and if I feel I need it I'll add a bit of bronzer to give me a little colour.

    All of which are easily applied in the car while hubby drives :-)

  2. hello, excuse my English malo.Mis things fast for makeup and running are: mascara, blush a little, kind balm, and perhaps outlined in the outer corner of eye shadow or sometimes a single clear parpado.Y softened by the good, depends on the day and what they wear.

  3. my smash and grab items at the min :

    maybelline superstay 24 hr foundation
    maybelline mineral concealer
    L'Oreal eye shadow trio for hazel eyes
    Avons colour trend shimmering lip and cheek balm
    No. 7 extreme length mascara

    very handy when I opt for an extra 10 mins in bed and leave myself practically no time to apply my make up :)

  4. Great post, I've been doing a lot of smash and grab lately ;). I'm a particular fan of double duty items too like your blusher.

    The items I'm currently reaching for when I'm in a rush are;
    RMK Super basic liquid concealer
    Rouge Bunny Rouge Solstice Halcyon eyeshadow
    L'oreal liner
    Lash Stiletto mascara
    Edward Bess After Sunset compact rouge - I use this on my lips as well when time is really short.

    This plus any lipstick I can lay my hands on! I think I mentioned to you that I frequently end up wearing my old Almay slim lipstick. The Body Shop one has found it's way in to the nappy bag too!
    Jane x


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