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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Stuff and more stuff from the last few months

It's been a busy few months of baby rearing and getting to grips with motherhood. What can I say? It's not easy but just one little smile from Tabitha makes it all worthwhile. People get sick of me saying that every morning feels like Christmas.  Once the horror of having to get up subsides, I can't wait to see my little girl and spend the day with her.

So other than that, I haven't forgotten about the world of cosmetics... So here's a round up of products I've been using and/or trying over the past few months.

Carmex (various products were sent to me for trial). Generally I don't opt for products ending in x, there's something unnatural about it, and where possible which is nearly always, I prefer the natural option. Unfortunately I was right about my suspicions, I didn't like much about the range - neither the scent, taste, feeling on the lips, tingling or longevity. For a brand I have avoided because I thought they weren't cruelty free, I was excited to try them but after a month or so of keeping them in my handbag and using them regularly, I can't say that I would buy replenishment. I haven't found anything that compares to Nip and Fab, lip and nip fix - pure lanolin sheepy smelling goodness that lasts and lasts. I prefer the sheep smell to the coconut and fruits of Carmex.

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream (bought from John and Ginger). After receiving a sachet sample with a previous order or Precleanse, I had to buy this product. It is a lovely fresh feeling but intensely moisturising cream. My skin was so parched and flaky in the months after Tabitha was born, I tried all of my usual oils and even E45 couldn't help. The wonder of samples, and they really do work to stimulate purchases!

The Body Shop, Moringa Beautifying Dry Oil (sent as as sample for review). I do buy this range as a treat for myself, mainly when at Paddington Station to look forward to after a loooong day in London. The scent is adorable, luscious and alluring.  A small bottle seems to go a long way too. I shower and before towelling off, use it all over the body. It's a quick and effective way to moisturise and smell gorgeous in one step. The oil is light enough not to feel greasy and is absorbed quickly ready for dressing immediately.

I badly need to replenish my supply of Tisserand Essential Oil hand cream, as my hands are really suffering from near constant hand washing and this recent heat has flared up some eczema to epic proportions of bumpy itchiness.

On the rare occasions I have been out in the evening I have been using a surprisingly good gel eyeliner by Coastal scents (also sent for review). It has been ages since I used a gel eyeliner and I have missed the easy smooth application and budge proof wear. Busy mums will know that you can look like you've tried too hard, so it is best to stay with looks that are practised, easy and comfortable.  Although I had my doubts at its potential and even more about the accompanying brush - it hasn't let me down yet. I find it very good for a smoky eye. As seen below!

Night night from Tabitha xxx (and yes I have had a haircut!)

Sunday, 4 March 2012


I've been remiss and haven't even posted a picture of my beautiful daughter Tabitha on my blog!

Here she is aged 8 weeks

I also wanted to show you a gorgeous gift I received from my best friend. She painted this canvas herself and it's taken pride of place in Tabitha's room. If you'd like one for your child (each is unique to your child) then drop me an email.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Things I love this week #1

As I have a few moments, a small person is asleep on my lap, my thoughts dwell on items in my cosmetics which I particularly love this week!

Sleek MakeUP's LASH OUT mascara. I am so surprised by this mascara. In a good way. I am not one for mascaras bought from high street stores (I prefer to buy my staple Beauty Without Cruelty on line). However, a couple of uses in and I was impressed enough to keep it in my every day make up case. It has a thin wand with a thick formula that combine to give roots a real boost in thickness and when swept to the ends an enhanced curl. It's thick so work with it carefully, using a lash comb or clean/dry mascara wand to avoid ending up with two rather clumpy lashes as they stick together! It really has worked to make my lashes longer and thicker, giving that false lash look. If I don't find anything better in the mean time I would definitely repurchase this mascara.

Sleek Make UP Au Naturel i-divine Palette. I have been using this day in and day out for the last three months since moving house and taking an eternity to unpack the rest of my make up. Even though it is now unpacked, I have continued to use this palette. It constantly surprises me when I mix and match different shades for completely different looks, I can go from a "nude" to a full on smoky look in a few strokes from this palette.

New-ID i-groom eyebrow pencil. I have recently purchased three back ups of this amazing eye brow pencil as I feel real fear when I think of running out of it. It comes in one colour and the density of colour is dependent of how many sweeps of the pencil I use. I find it very difficult to find a perfect black/brown for my eye brows, but this is brilliant. The slanted triangular shape of the pencil makes filling in and shaping brows super easy, in one stroke. Try it, you won't look back!

Lumiere Cosmetics Lumi Lips in Spice or In The Nude. Let it be known that I am a not a fan of sparkly or sticky lip glosses. In fact I just had a massive clear out and threw them all out. I am now the proud owner of less than a handful. These two are my massive favourites as they are soft, moisturising, you can see the colour on your lips and natural looking. I would go out of my way to repurchase these from the US as I haven't found anything comparable to the quality, wear and colour.

Daniel Sandler Foundation/Concealer in Deep Sand and Watercolour Creme Rouge. A simply amazing duo of products that make my make up application and wear supremely simple and effective. The foundation is creamy but light. I like to apply a few dots to forehead, cheeks and chin then blend with a damp blush brush (try it, it feels quite refreshing!). I have converted both of my sisters to this foundation, they love it - possibly not as much as I do but then they are not as cosmetics obsessed as I am.

So, which products are you particularly loving this week, it being the week of love and all that?

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