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Thursday, 24 November 2011

4 weeks to go and counting, plus a skincare review

Firstly, I am so sorry to have neglected by blog, YouTube is one thing to neglect through sheer lack of time and energy to film, edit and upload, but I am annoyed that I let my blog slip!

So as the title suggests, I have exactly four weeks to go to my due date. Which in reality means 2-6 weeks before our little girl arrives! Complications mean that if I don't go in to labour on my own, I will be induced around Christmas day! This is highly unappealing as I was hoping to be tucked up with baby on the sofa with a box of Roses on Christmas Day. However she arrives, it will be a blessing and I will soon forget the method of extraction!

Anyway, I have lots to review and tell you about in later posts. I will desperately try not to leave it so long next time.

In the mean time, I leave you with a little review of a skin care product I purchased a few months ago. NUDE skincare cleansing oil, 100ml. A link to the product range is here. I normally use a cleansing oil (Dermalogica Precleanse which I purchase from John and Ginger (it is about £5 cheaper and their UK shipping is fast). I have used Precleanse for about 3 years and thought I might see what else there was on offer.

Now I must first say that I am LAZY which is why I use cleansing oils. They are on the whole thorough, non messy and quick. I want a product which does not require a separate eye make up remover and emulsifies with water so that I don't get a dirty wash cloth covered in make up. Those are my two must haves.

NUDE skincare delivers on one of these criteria - namely that it turns to a milk when warm water is applied. However, I have found on a few occasions that eye make up is not removed and ends up all over my towels and bedlinen. I am no newbie when it comes to cleansing and I am thorough but this is too gentle to remove all make up. I am not even talking about waterproof make up, just run-of-the-mill mascara and liner. More than a few times I have woken in the night with streaming bloodshot eyes from recalcitrant eye make up!

At £19 for 100ml it is more expensive than Dermalogica Precleanse (approx £20 for 150ml), however, the added cost are associated with the organic nature of the ingredients. I hate this trend but I believe you get what you pay for and so I like to pay for good quality ingredients.

The NUDE skincare oil cleanser is certainly more portable in its pink rubbery secure bottle but you do have to use it twice to get a thorough cleanse. The scent is neither off putting or appealing, a kind of floral oily scent. So far it hasn't made me stop using it (even during pregnancy)

Other than not taking off eye make up properly in one go, I can't fault NUDE cleansing oil. My skin loves the slightly thicker feeling oil and doesn't feel dry once rinsed. It's a very good skin massage oil, so I like to combine a facial massage with my cleanse. My natural skin texture and oil level has not been affected and I no longer have dry spots or blocked pores around the nose. I really do believe in being gentle and kind with flare ups. Aggresive treatments are best left alone until all else has failed.

Will I repurchase though? Sadly I don't think so, the difference in price and performance is not significant enough to make me switch permanently. I am really glad I tried it and would recommend it if you weren't a make up wearer as it's gentle and will benefit all skin types.
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