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Friday, 26 February 2010

A Facebook Friend Requested this look!

What a gorgeous look! A friend on my Facebook facebook/oxfordjasmine requested this look. I took a close look at it and something didn't ring true about it. I realise that all images in adverts are digitally airbrushed and enhanced just as this one is but see below for my interpretation.

can you do xactly this eyes?

It is near impossible to recreate this look. Check out how the eyeliner goes across the crease and on the inner corner. It doesn't look natural. Then look at mine below. No one has an eye crease that will make this look flawless. It's still a beautiful look and it makes your eyes look huge! Just bear this in mind if you send me a photo to recreate, it might be impossible unless I learn how to photoshop! I prefer Arab inspired than Amy Winehouse please!

Products used:

e.l.f cream eyeliner in black* This eyeliner does not budge once set.
e.l.f dramatic lashes*
Urban Decay Rocks (gems)* The glue is really good for eye lashes too.
Since no one bought lonely gorgeous gold e/s from my MAC sale I decided to use it! I also had a sample of Vanilla pigment. Project kill all my MAC products commences!

Products marked with * were sent to me for review.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Jelly Pong Pong Super Model Stain.

I must be in a good mood today... it must be because I giggled at the name of this product! What sort of a stain does a Supermodel make???! So here's my verdict: I can only describe this as my perfect lip product. (Apart from lip balm, I can't live without that.)

The list of ingredients put me off a bit, who knew that were that many ingredients in a lip stain?However, in the interests of giving you guys a review I had to try it! Oh the things I do for you!

photo taken in natural light, no flash.

Why do I like it so much? It does EVERYTHING I want from a lip and cheek product!
  • Highly pigmented, a little goes a long way, giving my lips a perfect colour that is true to the colour in the pot.
  • Moisturising, no dryness here just plump, healthy looking shine
  • No stickiness or grittiness, YAY!
  • Long lasting, lasts well over a few hours and doesn't cling to my lips
  • Easy to remove, just a tissue will leave a bit of stain, but a wipe or make up remover easily deals with it.
  • Gorgeous colour, I am using the colour CUPCAKE POUT.
  • Easy enough application, now if only this was available in a stick... as you need to apply it with a brush. I don't like fingers!
  • Cute and portable size, at only 2.2g it's easy to slip in a pocket or clutch bag
The only downside, *sigh* there had to be one, is the price. At £15 for a container which is roughly half the size of a standard lipstick, it's a bit pricey and if used every day, won't last that long!

Would I buy this though? I find myself nodding, yes I am delighted with it.

What's your perfect lip product, does it even exist?

This item amongst others from the range was sent to me for review, I am not paid to endorse this product.

In addition to this product I also tried the Jelly Flush in Grape Colada. I had high hopes for this product but as I have dry skin it stung my skin on application. I think if you have oilier skin and have had no luck with cream blushers, a gel product might be good for you. It will not slide off or add oil. At 28g of product, it's a lot more generous, for £18.

Jelly Pong Pong products can be purchased from their website.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Sleek Make UP Creme to Powder impressed me.

Today's Face of the Day was created using minimal products (well minimal to me anyway!).

Sleek Make UP Creme to Powder Foundation in Latte* used a concealer and foundation. This foundation is surprisingly good. I sound surprised as after my last experience with a clinique creme to powder I used a few years ago, I was not expecting much beyond looking old and creased. This one will crease around the eyes because it is thick. My advice is use a separate light and fluid concealer instead. However, it provided excellent coverage and is amazing at evening out skin tone. My skin did not feel plastered but I do feel that it is not powdery enough to set, so I would suggest a translucent around the nose, chin, forehead to prevent slippage. I only got a tester sample but I am quite keen to get in to the nearest Sleek Make Up stand and get a full size.

Marks and Spencer Lip and Cheek Tint in Pink on cheeks and lips. This is fast becoming a go to staple (specially when I can't find my Bobbi Brown Pot rouge). The lip colour is lovely layered over with e.l.f Moisture Care Lip Colour in Ruby Slipper* to add a shine and juicy look.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara
Bourjois Liner Stylo in Black on lash lines and brushed through eye brows. I've had this for so long but it is wonderfully smudgy and sets fast. I smudged it lightly to elongate the eyes.

Beauty without Cruelty Blusher in Hot Chestnut* used on the eyes and cheeks. This is also a lovely warm shade, which is so nice if you don't fancy a hugely pink cheeked look.

The necklace was a Valentines present from my adorable husband!

Items marked with * were sent to me for review.

That was a quick! I feel fresh faced and ready to go anywhere!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Face of the Day, a no eye shadow day.

Sometimes I feel like creating using eye liners rather than shadows. You can put shadows over eye liners to increase the impact as well.

Products used from Bourjois:
Healthy Mix Foundation in Beige 54* (far too light for me)
Healthy Mix Concealer in Medium*
Duo Chrome Eye Pencil - green/gold* - inner corner
Kohl and Contour Brown and Purple - Brown on lower water line and eyebrows, purple in the crease, upper and lower lashlines.
Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara in black

Items marked with * were sent to me for review.

Some tips to using pencils as eye shadows:
Make sure the pencils are warmed so they glide on, and test them first on the back of your hand (this also warms them up a bit).
Draw in the basic lines over the lids and colour in using the pencils.
Then take a small short bristled brush rather than a fluffy brush to blend gently in very short strokes. You might need to add more pencil and then use a fluffy brush to blend afterwards.
Blending with fingers works really well too as you aren't likely to remove that much pencil.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


In an earlier post I mentioned that I will be selling a lot of my MAC cosmetics from my bridal kit. This is because I do not need them any longer. I want them to go to good homes with you!

Each Refil Single Eyeshadow is £3.

All other items are £5 each.

Payment through Paypal only.

If an item is unpaid with 24 hours, it will be offered to the next person who expressed interest.

Please leave the item number(s) and your Paypal email address for invoicing.

Items will be dispatched once payments have been received.

All items have been used, sanitised and there is plenty left in each container.

Postage and Packing costs:

UK £2.00 per item

Europe Airmail (no tracking) £2.50 per item

International Airmail (no tracking) £4.00 per item

Airsure tracking and insurance is an additional £4.50 per package according to Royal Mail (eek!).

Multiple purchases will mean a significant P&P discount.

Single Eye Shadow Refils (all have magnets on the back for your palettes):

1 Pincurl duo chrome grey/lilac - SOLD
2. Illegal Cargo - duo chrome lilac/silver SOLD
3. Graphology - very deep indigo almost matte SOLD
4 Shadowy lady - very deep indigo/plum SOLD
5. Electra - silver SOLD
6. Pandemonium - gun metal silver with lots of glitter SOLD
7. Indian Ink - deep violet SOLD
8. Carbon - matte black - SOLD
9. Time and Space - Mid Brown with gold shimmer - SOLD
10. Magnetic Fields - dark brown with silver and bronze glitter - SOLD
11. Soba - Mid Brown Tan with golden shimmer - SOLD
12. Sketch - deep plum with dark pink shimmer - SOLD
13. Rite of Spring - Cream with pink irridescence - SOLD
14. Gorgeous Gold - Duo Chrome gold and green - SOLD
15. Aquadisiac - Light Turquoise with silver glitter - SOLD
16. Submarine - Deep Blue - SOLD
17. Femme Fi - Beige with pinky/gold shimmer - SOLD
18. Juiced - Deep Mustard Gold SOLD
19. Antiqued - Deep Plummy brown - SOLD
20. Twinks - Deep Brown with bronze shimmer - SOLD
21. Ricepaper - silver/beige - SOLD
22. Shroom - creamy golden/beige - SOLD
23. Amber Lights - golden bronze - SOLD
24. Satin Taupe - Deep silvery brown - SOLD
25. Expensive Pink - bronzed pink - SOLD
26. Romp - Deep Bronze - SOLD
27. Cranberry - dark pink/blue tones - SOLD

Lipsticks (left to Right)
28. Amplified Blankety
29. Satin Retro
(spiced deep red) - SOLD
30. Amplified Spiceflower
(blue toned mid pink) SOLD
31. Lustre Patisserie (is a bit lighter than in the photo)
32. Lustre Spice it Up
33. Lure Lip Pencil (mid red) SOLD
34. Spice Lip Pencil (the perfect lip pencil for everyone!)
35. Auburn Lip Pencil (goes perfectly with Retro or Spice It Up) SOLD
36. Lipglass Baby Blooms mid pink/peach with gold shimmer SOLD
37. Lustreglass in Beaux - deep gold amazing over dark lipstick -

38. Shadestick in Sharkskin - SOLD
39. Eye Kohl in Smoulder
40. Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Duck (dark brown, great for every day) -

41. Paintpot in Indianwood
42. Paintpot in Rubenesque - SOLD
43. Paintpot in Delft
44. Phloof! e/s in case - SOLD
45. Black Tied e/s in case

Face Products
46. Sculpt and Shape Powder in Warm Light
- for contouring/highlight SOLD
47. Blot Powder in Dark - SOLD
48. Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NW45
49. Selection SPF15 Foundation in NC44 - SOLD
50. Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NW15 + Pump Dispenser
51. Studio Mist Foundation in Dark
- so fast, like airbrushing! - SOLD
52. Studio Finish Concealer Palette SPF 35 in Dark - SOLD

Friday, 19 February 2010

Shine On, Shine Off!

We're a funny bunch, we want luminosity to our complexion, just not where Mother Nature decides it is going to go! So I like to carry a pack of beauty blotters. As you can see I have quite a few!

They are convenient, portable, inexpensive, discreet and they work without removing make up underneath. I was using a powder compact on the tube the other week as I happened to have it in my bag and it was like a eye magnet. There is something people find deeply fascinating about a woman doing make up!

All of these belong in one purse or another, just to make sure I never run out!

If you'd like to win a fresh pack of the Girls with Attitude Matt Beauty Blotters (kindly sent to me as a prize by ) then leave a comment below with your email address so I can do a random prize draw. I'm happy to post this out anywhere in the world.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Urban Decay Powder Brush

Urban Decay Brushes, my local stockist (Boots) has been holding out on me! You can see these brushes on line at Debenhams. The prices are more than I thought though, starting at £10 for a "wonder brush" (an eye, lip and concealer brush) to £24 for this Powder Brush. Seems a little pricey to me but then I am used to e.l.f and Crown brushes.

This is the only UD brush I have so it's hard to compare it to the rest of them. It is the most dense powder brush I have, and I have a few.

The brush measures about 16cm in length, is very lightweight and has synthetic hairs. It's aluminium handle and grips make it easy to hold and use.. It's really easy to clean and robust enough to quick dry in the airing cupboard or on a towel over a radiator. I find synthetic brushes easier to use as they are softer and shed a lot less.

Here's how it stacks up against my other powder brushes.

It's not the fluffiest. That goes to the Generic one (I bought from Panacea81 ages ago) on the far right.

It's not the longest. That also goes to Panacea81 Generic.

It's not the heaviest. That goes to The Body Shop, also a taklon beast but quite heavy and "flappy".

It's not the cheapest, that goes to the e.l.f Powder brush at £3.50

I do prefer it the most to some of them for the following applications:
If you squash it between your fingers to flatten it, it is a great contour brush.
If you use one side and sweep it up the cheek, it's a great blusher brush.
It's also very good for buffing in liquid foundation, but not for applying it.

Would I buy it, no I wouldn't. Of all the brushes I own, the least useful is a Powder Brush, and for £24 I can buy a set of brushes from Crown or e.l.f. Saying that, no look is complete without a liberal dusting with the Powder brush, pressing in with a sponge, then a sweep over with the brush to remove excess.

What's your most useful brush?

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Favourite Lipstick Right Now!

Almay Stay Smooth Anti Chap Lip Colour in 24/Tan

I do not know what I am going to do when this lipstick runs out! It's one of my favourites and was given to me as a present by my friend last year. I've only recently started using it and what was I missing out on?

Smooth, even and intense colour, a slight tingling and plumping effect. Moisturising and gentle. A gorgeous nutty reddy brown colour which is slightly darker than my own lip colour. I use this as a lipbalm, it's so nice and easy to use. It's my perfect day time lipstick as it suits all my every day looks and outfits.

Nowhere I know sells this lipstick, help! Do you know of anything similar in terms of colour and comfort?

What's your perfect lipstick?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Countdown to the weekend and MAC blog Sale!

On Saturday 20th February my MAC blogsale starts.

Prices and item lists will be posted up on Saturday too.

There are 50+ items with prices starting from £3!

Face of the Day - It feels like Autumn today.

There's a cold snap still in the air and the trees in my garden are covered in rust coloured leaves. Even though it is February, it feels like Autumn. We're emerging from Winter in to Spring. It's still bright in the morning but as the evening approaches the weather turns dull and cold.

So with this in mind I used autumn colours for today's make up. I was meeting a friend for a coffee so didn't want to look too made up in my local town! This is my kind of catch all make up look, something tried and tested and almost infalliable.

Products used (marked with * were sent for review)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Mineral Foundation in Vision*
Pandora's Make Up Box Eye Shadow Quad in "It's a Fall Day"*
Beauty Without Cruelty Satin Finish Blusher in Hot Chestnut*
Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara
Almay Stay Smooth Anti Chap LipColour in Tan
Bourjois Liner Stylo in Black (on lashline and brushed through eyebrows)

Do you have an infalliable, go to look?

Monday, 15 February 2010

A Gift from my Best Friend!

I have only just managed to get together with my best friend since we've been too busy in the run up to Christmas. Do you ever have friends like that? You would dearly love to see more often but where does the time go?

Anyway, we swapped Christmas presents and this is what she bought me, we've known each other for over 12 years and she knows me so well. I love this gorgeous glass bead bracelet she chose for me.

What did I get her? She is expecting her first child soon so a cuddly Pooh bear and a large silver frame for Baby piccies. I also gave her some relaxing Tisserand bath oil that I have been loving, just perfect for those precious moments whilst Daddy is looking after Baby!

She keeps asking when I am going to think about having babies...! Well, never say never!

What's the nicest gift you've given or received lately?

Friday, 12 February 2010

Pandora's Box is now full of make up, who knew?

Greek legend has it that Pandora's Box was crammed full of all the sorrows of mankind (disease, hunger, pestilence, war). Pandora being a typical woman had to go and open it. Once opened they were set loose upon the world. I guess with such a gorgeous ornate box lying around, seems like the thing to do to keep make up in it. After all, what will Jupiter do with it now?

The unforgettable film Notting Hill springs to mind whenever I look at the products I was sent by this brand... "It's like opening Pandora's box and there's trouble inside" to which Spike replies "I once knew a girl called Pandora.... never got in her box though". Forgive the rudeness, I felt the need to share that with you.

Enough rambling, on to the review!

I love the taste of the lipgloss, it is a sweet caramel mint smell, not too overpowering and doesn't taste too minty either. The colour is "Smile" and is a caramel/coral colour with a high shine and pleasing texture. It makes my lips look luscious and moisturised. It is a bit sticky but not unpleasantly so. The doefoot applicator does a good job of applying the gloss and it is thick enough not to sit in the grooves in my lips and it lasts a fair while without drying out and sticking to the dry bits on my lips. I keep rubbing my lips together to see if there is any grittiness, but there isn't and I am thankful for that. At $16/£10 I think it's about comparable with most mid range glosses.

The mascara is the best thing I was sent, a generous 10ml tube. The mascara is wonderfully glossy and black but doesn't go on too thickly. The brush is easy to work with the lashes, nothing too fancy but it does a good job of separating and lengthening. It doesn't do much to volumise. I think it's almost effortlessly the best mascara I've tried lately. At $19 or £12, that's also a mid range price.

and now for something really horrible, I have been saving up my eyebrows for a threading tutorial... so look at this at your peril! But I think you'll agree my lashes look awesome!

The packaging is cute and girly, partly cardboard for sustainability and recycling sake. Printed with Soy Ink as well.

The verdict, would I buy this range, yes I definitely would. I haven't talked much about the eye shadows but they are pretty good and very generous sizes (same as MUFE). I may review those at a later date.

If you want to see another review of Pandora's Box products, go to PinkieCharm's channel as she has reviewed four of their blushers. I was sent a selection of products to try and these are the ones I liked best and have been using for a while.
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