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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Face of the Day, a no eye shadow day.

Sometimes I feel like creating using eye liners rather than shadows. You can put shadows over eye liners to increase the impact as well.

Products used from Bourjois:
Healthy Mix Foundation in Beige 54* (far too light for me)
Healthy Mix Concealer in Medium*
Duo Chrome Eye Pencil - green/gold* - inner corner
Kohl and Contour Brown and Purple - Brown on lower water line and eyebrows, purple in the crease, upper and lower lashlines.
Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara in black

Items marked with * were sent to me for review.

Some tips to using pencils as eye shadows:
Make sure the pencils are warmed so they glide on, and test them first on the back of your hand (this also warms them up a bit).
Draw in the basic lines over the lids and colour in using the pencils.
Then take a small short bristled brush rather than a fluffy brush to blend gently in very short strokes. You might need to add more pencil and then use a fluffy brush to blend afterwards.
Blending with fingers works really well too as you aren't likely to remove that much pencil.

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