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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Jelly Pong Pong Super Model Stain.

I must be in a good mood today... it must be because I giggled at the name of this product! What sort of a stain does a Supermodel make???! So here's my verdict: I can only describe this as my perfect lip product. (Apart from lip balm, I can't live without that.)

The list of ingredients put me off a bit, who knew that were that many ingredients in a lip stain?However, in the interests of giving you guys a review I had to try it! Oh the things I do for you!

photo taken in natural light, no flash.

Why do I like it so much? It does EVERYTHING I want from a lip and cheek product!
  • Highly pigmented, a little goes a long way, giving my lips a perfect colour that is true to the colour in the pot.
  • Moisturising, no dryness here just plump, healthy looking shine
  • No stickiness or grittiness, YAY!
  • Long lasting, lasts well over a few hours and doesn't cling to my lips
  • Easy to remove, just a tissue will leave a bit of stain, but a wipe or make up remover easily deals with it.
  • Gorgeous colour, I am using the colour CUPCAKE POUT.
  • Easy enough application, now if only this was available in a stick... as you need to apply it with a brush. I don't like fingers!
  • Cute and portable size, at only 2.2g it's easy to slip in a pocket or clutch bag
The only downside, *sigh* there had to be one, is the price. At £15 for a container which is roughly half the size of a standard lipstick, it's a bit pricey and if used every day, won't last that long!

Would I buy this though? I find myself nodding, yes I am delighted with it.

What's your perfect lip product, does it even exist?

This item amongst others from the range was sent to me for review, I am not paid to endorse this product.

In addition to this product I also tried the Jelly Flush in Grape Colada. I had high hopes for this product but as I have dry skin it stung my skin on application. I think if you have oilier skin and have had no luck with cream blushers, a gel product might be good for you. It will not slide off or add oil. At 28g of product, it's a lot more generous, for £18.

Jelly Pong Pong products can be purchased from their website.


  1. I definately want to try these out now, as im always looking for moisturising lip products as my lips are very dry. £15 is quite steep though! sometimes you can get little deals on the website though :)xx

  2. Oh!!!!!! Now I need one of these!!! xx

  3. looks very nice with your skin tone

  4. As a side note, I wore this on a business trip today from 8-6pm and two meals and various drinks. It lasted pretty well with only a touch up of gloss a few times. By 7pm it was patchy and I topped it up with lippie. Lasted ages!

  5. The color is so so pretty! :D

    I want now!

  6. That's such a gorgeous colour! But many pennies :( Also, a blush that stung? That's just a bit worrying :/

  7. wow looks promising! I've gota try this :)

  8. it is very pretty.... haha Supermodel stain! xxx

  9. It looks amazing on your lips!!!

  10. It looks great on your lips!! :) Such a pretty colour!!

  11. Wow, this is so pigmented! Beautiful colour!

  12. I used to use these and only these all the time but unfortunately they became very drying even though I take care to keep my lips hydrated, a little container does last for ages though!


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