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Friday, 12 February 2010

Eyes of the Day! Another Arabic Inspired Look!

I was playing about with two e.l.f quads today and this is what I came up with. I watched the fabulous MizzChievous' Arab inspired tutorial and felt inspired to try it for myself. I layered some dark blue over the black to give an extra dimension to the darkness of the look.

I found Julia's tutorial really easy to follow, but kept stopping it to spend time blending! It was really interesting following someone else's tutorials. I think it's helped me with making mine easier to follow!

I topped it off with some dramatic lashes (also by e.l.f) I decided as I was going to take it off soon after not to mascara the lashes, seemed a waste to get them messy. So that's why they aren't that neat, I hope you'll forgive me that!?

When my new computer is up and running and I am able to edit videos again, I think I may make a tutorial on this. I have so many I want to make!


  1. Wow Jasmine, it's just amazing! Arabic it is but it makes me think about a swallow too. Your eyes are looking like my favourite birds! Just in time for next Spring -_0

  2. The blending is perfect so the incident with the lashes is forgiven. ;-)

  3. Very pretty in pictures, but where would you actually be able to wear make-up as dramatic as this? I wouldn't be allowed in my place of work and it's a bit over the top to just go shopping or whatever.
    Stunning though :-)

  4. @BecsLifeOnline I would wear this to work, but then I work from home...! I don't know where you'd wear this realistically! I love it for the creativity and it was fun to do. Julia is an excellent teacher! Perhaps you should see the post before this one, about a work appropriate make up look!

  5. So beautiful - these looks are amazing with your eye shape and look...

  6. Wow, Jasmine, your eyes are incredibly beautiful! You are very very talented!!!


  7. amazing! perfectly blended and the white is spot on.

  8. Very beautiful, it makes your eyes look huge!


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