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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Moving on from MAC

Have you ever had that feeling? That sinking feeling that something is just not right? It creeps up on you and soon it's all you can do not to think about how to escape! My relationship with MAC has reached this stage. I despise getting out my kit and seeing those three letters which just fill me with frustration.

I ask myself why I spent so much money on products which just don't work, or half work, or work but are nothing special. I think it's got more to do with my skintone and condition. I am sure they work really well for most people, just not for me. I use them on clients and get good results. My point is that they don't work for me and I need to feel happy with the make up I use. For example, eye shadows rarely show up that well unless very dark, or are patchy and hard. I prefer soft creamy shadows which are richly pigmented and a delight to blend. I find those have a great staying powder and don't fade.

I used to love MAC, spent time thinking about it, doodling face charts and sharpening pencils. Now it's all I can do not to throw them in the bin!

There is nothing in the range, apart from perhaps a couple of eye shadows and pencils that I actually like any more. I've moved on and found products that I get on with better, make me happy and don't let me down. They aren't necessarily cheaper but I think they represent value for money and meet my expectations.

So I've decided to let my MAC go to someone else who will love and appreciate it for what it is. It's sad to see them go but I have to say that this time: it's not me, it's them. I am sorry to do this so close to Valentine's Day but...

I'll be posting a list if you'd like to buy them at knockdown prices, once I've had a sort out of make up after the house move.

This made me giggle:


  1. While I'm sad to see you let go, I understand that sometimes we have to stop using things out of convenience. When we're just 'used' to using a product and it doesn't even bring joy anymore, it's definitely time to move on.

  2. Wow, that sounds impossible!
    It must have required some courage to come to terms with the fact that it doesn't work for you anymore, it's so hard denying a brand you've been loyal to for a long time!

  3. Such a shame. But like you said it's better to move on to products you're going to enjoy more.

  4. ive never tried mac so wouldn't know, but i think you've tried more or less tried everything and had it for such a long time that now it's not special anymore...
    will we be seeing a blogpost of maybe new/brands you have started to love?
    can't wait for the blog sale, hopefully i could get my first mac products..if i get there in time lol

  5. I have never had much luck with MAC shadows they are just hard or dull or something. They never loo bright or deeply pigmented on me.

  6. Oh my! This surely will be an eye opener to a lot of people... but I too, have not really been 100% pleased with MAC. I still like the paintpot, but yeah. I hope you find joy in new products and I can't wait to hear it. It's time to move on =)

  7. i actually curious to know what is your new favourite? as seems so many ladies cannot escape from the charm of mac.

  8. oh sad! but yes MAC prices are creeping up too, so they no longer position themselves as mid range. I can see the disappointment xxxx

  9. I haven't used any MAC products in my life...I guess I already got tired of seeing people using it maybe partly because they use it like it's a social status or something. like if you don't have one, then you're not in the crowd. Honestly, it really doesn't look special to me.

  10. Hi Jasmine,

    I have never had a try of MAC, and therefore unable to comment on it. But, I can very well relate to the feeling of disgust when things you pay for don't work the way you want.

  11. I love my MAC, but it doesn't excite me anymore as I've exhausted the brand.

  12. I think one of the reasons it is so hard to say no to MAC is because it's an established brand for make-up artists and highly respected by everyone else. But, like any other product line, it has its good, bad and ugly.

    I am also curious as to what you will be using now

  13. Just wondering...when you decide to put the MAC sales on could you maybe let us know the day before?

    I could be online for 23 hours and be sure in the 24th hour blogsales happen! Would just love to be able to have a chance...not even the time just the day it would be happening.

    Love the blog and videos!

  14. The rocking Mona Lisa is amazing!!! But what would old Leo say in his grave? ;-)

  15. I'm with you on being over MAC, but for a different reason. For me i still really like the products i have, they work fine, but i'm just annoyed by the company. The lowering of the pigment sizes without lowering the prices left a really sour taste in my mouth, and i just get so annoyed by how it's so much more expensive in the UK than in America. Also i bought a blush from the website the other day, one blush cost £4 to ship! Ridiculous.
    Great Mona lisa though :D

  16. I've always thought they were the most overrated makeup company ever, relying on the "brand loyalty" more than anything else, that's why they make so many different products, because people can buy everything from them without considering another brand. That's not to say they don't have good products, they do, but nothing worth shouting from the rooftops for.

    It's such a big deal to "leave" them because you feel such strong loyalty, I know alot of people feel like they're betraying MAC if they use other company's products. But it should be all about what works best, not what should work best.


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