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Thursday, 28 January 2010

How to disguise flaky nails

My nail saga continues. I am using some Mavala products to see if they will help with the flaking and peeling. I think that the reasons my nails are bad is because of antibiotics I am taking.

My nails are very short, only about a third of the tip length shown above but I have used a blush bronze french tip to add some interest. It also makes them look longer without making my nail beds too short.

I've then added two coats of Mavala Colorfix, an acrylic reinforcer to protect from chipping. I was sent this my a kind PR who took pity on my poor nails. You can see on the middle finger how far the flaking goes back down the nail bed. It's not good. I am reassured that with this technique I can manage until I finish the antibiotics and my nails get back to full strength.

This Mavala Colorfix is pretty good. Dazzling shine, quick drying and very helpful in the battle against chipping. I used to just use a clear hardener from Sallys, which was recommended to me by my manicurist friend, but this is better. So I might be recommending it to my manicurist friend as well.

Have you any secrets for longer, healthier looking nails. I'd love to hear them? Would you like to see a tutorial on how to get an easy french tip, I never used to be able to do them. Even with those nail tape guide things. My manicurist friend taught me a foolproof (well it would have to be for me) method that I am happy to share!


  1. I would really be interested in seeing how to do the tip thing, I have just had my acrylics off and while my nails are growing slowly they are not strong enough to have any sort of press on nails or acrylics on to cover them up...and they look fugly! Any tips appreciated x

  2. Your manicure is nice.
    My nails are short and I love them this way but my Mummy used to soak her nails in almond oil and then to massage them with half a lemon. Her nails were long and strong so the tip must be efficient, I hope so.

  3. mavala scientifique nail hardner is the best! I used to have flaky/ peely nails til i used it,now they grow really strong. it works because it's a liquid that sinks into your nails rather than just sitting on top like a lot of nail treatments do. it's quite expensive but you only use a tiny bit so it lasts a long time x

  4. I'd love to see how you do the nail tips, it's something I've never mastered! Also, what is the colour you've used for it in that picture? It's *really* lovely!

    LOVE Mavala, but this you already know ...

  5. Thank you for the tips, I am also using Mavala Scientifique, I hope it works! Almond Oil is my next step if it doesn't work!

    @Get_Lippie - the colour is blush by e.l.f. I only have a few e.l.f colours but this is a lovely one.

    Ok so when I am all moved in, I will put this on my list of tutorials to do first!

  6. YAY!!

    Would love to see the French Manicure tute..

  7. I think giving nails a rest from nail polish is important. Use lemon juice to clean any discoloration. For any dryness on my face and body, I always use extra virgin olive oil, so massage your unpainted fingernails and cuticles with the oil to moisturize the cuticle and proteins in the nail.

  8. Have you ever heard of garlic being the magic ingredient for nails? Its an age old remedy in the subcontinent for making nails grow faster and stronger, and I've seen the results with my own eyes. You just take a clove of garlic and massage it across your nails while watching telly in the eve or before going to bed. The only downside is the stink. But you can overcome it by using a good-scented hand cream. Whats a little smell to strong and healthy nails?
    Do let me know if it works for u? :)

  9. Because of moist, warm and dirty environment, your nails are more prone to fungal infection. Apart from this, there are many problems like walking bare foot, using nail cutter of infected person, wearing tight socks or shoes, etc may also cause to flaky, ugly and yellow nails or fungal infection.
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