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Sunday, 3 January 2010

She's not your OLDER sister!

You have no idea how many times I hear this, and frankly am sick of hearing it! But yes she is, she is nearly 10 years older but looks so much younger. I hope this runs in the family as I want to look this good when I am in my forties.

When any woman comes to visit, they get a make over; whether they like it or not and my sister is no exception. To be fair, no one ever asks me for a make over, they just get collared in to it. I was keen to try a new foundation on my sister because I really love it. Like me, she is keen to find the perfect one that can be applied with minimum fuss to achieve a fresh faced, naturally radiant and flawless look.

So here are a few pictures of the transition:

My sister does wear make up normally; just a bit of concealer, blush and lip gloss. That's it! Here she is with No Make up. Still stunning (if she weren't my sister I would hate her, biatch)

A brief description of My Sis's skin:
Skin Type: My Sis has very dry but sensitive skin so I needed both a moisturiser and primer to prevent the foundation leaving dry patches as it was absorbed. She uses Dermalogica moisturiser and I used an Obsessed Minerals Beauty Fluid in Riviera as a primer. Being in her early 40s, she has only the minimum of a few wrinkles under the eyes and round the mouth.

Uneven skin tones: Like me and all asian women, she has undereye darkness and uneven skin tone on the forehead and round the mouth. Her eye lids are darker than the rest of the face.

Face shape: She has an even proportioned face. The eyes aren't too close or wide apart, the forehead, cheeks and chin are equally spaced and generous lips with softly square jaw line.

Eye shape: She has deep set eyes and they are slightly hooded on the outer corners. Her eyes are huge and she has amazing thick and long lashes. Her eyes tend to droop at the outer corners in an almond shape.

So here we are with foundation:

I used a primary layer of Coastal Scents Undercover HD foundation in Shade ST5, with another layer in specific places like under the eye, round the nose and chin. No concealer was needed. My sister has a pink undertone to her skin, whereas mine is orange. So we were not surprised with the big difference in shades we prefer in the range. I am a shade ST10.

Now we move on to the final look. My sister wanted a going out look that was polished and sophisticated, that she could also tone down to wear as an every day look.

Products used:
Eyes: MAC Brule (all over), Soba (crease) and Satin Taupe (top lash line and inner corner). Ricepaper to highlight.
MAC Teddy Eyeliner
Clinique High Impact Mascara in black.

Lips: MAC Retro Lipstick and e.l.f Studio Minty Lipgloss in Boston

Cheeks e.l.f Studio Peachy Keen, Sleek MakeUp Luminous Pressed Powder as a bronzer.

I can't show a full face shot for privacy reasons but I am grateful that she has let me show a half face portion!

Would you like to be my next victim, I mean volunteer?


  1. she is beautiful and doesn't look 40 at all! love the new background on your blog :)

  2. i think your both beautiful in your own ways..x

  3. OH my god, she looks stunning!!!! And very nice makeup indeed! Well done as usual!

  4. Oh my god she is in her 40's...she looks in her 20's! xx

  5. wow.. you look so alike! Both gorgeous! Does she have any secrets for looking so young ;) xxx

  6. Of course I'd love to be your next victim if I just could ;)
    I'm sure it runs in the family cause you you both sisters look lovely and so young.
    Have a wonderful new year!

  7. Wow, you look so alike! You did a lovely make over on her!

    And this comment you made:

    "When any woman comes to visit, they get a make over; whether they like it or not"

    Is totally true everyone!

    Your sister is as stunning as you are xx

  8. Thank you, I chose the background based when I had my colours done!

    And thank you for the compliments about my sister, I am definitely the ugly duckling in our clan! We get out youthful looks from our mother I think! she swears by vaseline around the eyes and mouth at night.

    The make up isn't that interesting but the real work is in getting the foundation just right! I'm pretty proud that it looks flawless. I'd be a crap make up artist if I didn't listen to my "client" and made her up to look like Pammy!

  9. Wow, you two are so much alike, if I didn't know her age I would think you two are twins!!!!
    And the makeup is gorgeous!!!

  10. She is stunning, and the makeup looks great!

  11. very nice your sister is gorgeous! :)

  12. Oh my word, she is beautiful and certainly doesn't look in her early 40s at all!

    She also looks A LOT like you!

    What a beautiful natural look you've created for her, I would love to be your victim sometime!

  13. You made a really great make up for your sister. She's very beautiful but you're too.
    I would love to be your victim but I'm too far from you :-(

  14. She looks just like you! xD
    I'd love you to do my makeup, I just can't figure out what products are best for me.

  15. Wow, she's very beautiful and I love the look you have done on her. Great informatice post.

    I would probably be willing to be a victim at somepoint :)
    Emma :)xx

  16. She's stunning! And you can so tell your sisters! If I look that good when I'm in my 40's I'll be a very happy lady!

  17. Your sister looks a lot like you, but she looks fantastic with or without makeup.

    And you are NOT the Ugly Duckling, you're beautiful just as you are.

    I'm just grateful someone is doing tutorials with Asian kin, and who's a professional makeup artist.

    Your videos are inspiring, warm and humourous as is this blog. Please keep sharing your talent!

  18. If you'd like a makeover sometime, send me an email. You will appear on my blog though!

  19. Personally I think you look amazing regardless of your age, and your sister certainly is aging well too! You did a lovely job on the makeover :) You look SO alike, I actually can barely tell the difference! xxx

  20. Jasmine, very funny - that's YOU! Seriously though, you look so alike.... wow, lucky. Very gorgeous xxxx

  21. Wow, goodness she is beautiful, and certainly young looking for her age! But then again so are you. I have the same thing with my sister, though she is only 5 years older than me it does tend to grate on my nerves when people don't believe me!

  22. Im glad that there are other people in this wold who like to attack any victims who come home with make-up. mind you Ive been known to carry makeup with me when I visit others so that I can do the same -lol

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