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Wednesday, 27 January 2010


So this post isn't make up related but you still might find it useful.

Have you been sent a multimedia message lately that is a link to p0rn0graphic website? Thought nothing of it, deleted it and went on with your life? I received a few over the last year and I always deleted them. Mine were from 89069 and we're full of links to RudeTubex or Rudebox or something.

What I didn't realise until I looked at my itemised billing, thanks Orange for taking that away, so now I have to either pay or look it up online.... that I've been charge £1.30 for every text that I've received from 89069. How is this allowed? I have never subscribed to any text service, no I don't download ringtones, wall papers or lovemeters etc...

So I looked up this number and it lead me to this forum of similarly affected people. Some people had been charged hundreds of ££ because their phone company would not block these numbers.

This is not legal. According to a law in the UK passed in 2006 says that it is illegal to text someone who has not subscribed to a service. I am absolultely 100% certain I have never subscribed to any text service. I am not that stupid.

My mobile phone is registered with the Telephone Preference Service, which is a database of numbers that cannot be cold called. It is the best thing I have ever done as I never get any of those cold calls in the evening about new window, phone packages, the Conservative Party etc... It's FREE, do it!

So anyway, I went to this website WhoCallsMe and looked up the number. Posters had tracked down the operators of this service and suggested I call or email them to sort this out.

I emailed them today, with the above subject header, and received a telephone call saying that they were going to refund the charges and bar any further texts from their company to my phone number. I have of course reported them to PayPhonePlus who can investigate and get compensation and will only drop my claim when the cheque clears in my account... Even then cheques can be reversed so I don't fully trust this company to honour my compensation but I'm not going to give them my bank details! I should have just asked for a store voucher instead!

If you've been sent these messages and you haven't subscribed you will be charged a lot of money.

Do these things!
1. Get evidence in the form of your itemised phone bill
2. Find out who the company is who is sending you these messages
3. Contact them and get them to stop,
4. Demand all charges are refunded.
5. Also make sure they bar your number from their databases so it doesn't happen again.

This is so frustrating, as it can happen any time from any company and I won't know about it unless I pore over my itemised bills. Orange won't block these numbers even if I ask them to. If it happens again I have to chase it down and I might not be successful.

This is illegal and these people are getting away with your hard earned money. I blame the mobile phone operators who pass on the MMM charges to the customer because they have been billed by the MMM sender. Some mobile phone companies will bar, and I shall be investigating these closely and changing providers as soon as I can.

Here's the details you will need for 89069 MMM

WIN (Wireless Information Network) Ltd
1 Cliveden Office Village
Lancaster Road
High Wycombe
HP12 3YZ
Tel: 01494 750 500


  1. Interesting post. Fingers crossed you get your money back soon. These people are unbelievable. There should definitely be a law against this xx

  2. Unfortunantly, these companies thrive on "cold calling" and rely on People who don't do anything about these irritating and obscene texts.

  3. I have at&t and they told me to text them back with STOP then again with CANCEL and it will stop them from texting you. They told me even if you don't reply to them they will assume you wont their services! It's pretty annoying how they even get our numbers!


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