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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Finished! Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil

Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil

I have recently finished my bottle, I used it up as a post shower body moisturiser. It saved me a lot of precious time in the morning as well as delivering a beautiful scent and lots of long lasting moisture. It didn't leave me feeling greasy as it sank in quickly.

Each 200ml bottle is  £20 and contains 4 base oils (sweet almond, wheat, macadamia, jojoba) and lots of other essential oils that give it a herbal/spa scent.

I probably would buy it again if it were available locally as grabbing a bottle whilst passing a store is easier than finding time to order on line (that is when I remember + have time and the ipad to my side!)  However, I could just sign off and be ordering it right now in fact...

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

New Hair by Anne Veck

Flashes of highlights in the fringe, genius.

Me looking less frumpy?
Recently  I was offered a hair cut and colour at Anne Veck's recently renovated salon in Central Oxford. I jumped at the chance for a few reasons; I met Anne on a make up course a few years ago and her salon close to where I used to work. I've had my hair done at Anne's salon before and liked the service and results.

The salon is smart and comfortable, with welcoming staff and a stylists who listen to what you need! I especially liked the massaging chairs whilst my colour was developing. It was indeed mummy-heaven.

I would definitely go back and see Zak, who understood that as a busy mum I need a style that is fun but easy to look after.  Other than those conditions, I let him have free reign and he chose a layered cut with semi permanent colour all over with highlights at the front.  He certainly delivered a fun cut, I love the flashes of colour in the fringe and easy layering that can be restyled with a water spray and worn for a few days between washes without looking messy. The colour will grow out but because it is layered underneath it won't show the roots! It is amazing the difference I feel with a decent hair style, I don't feel frumpy or mumsy!

Book in at Anne's salon for a consultation, contact details are here.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Snow bows!

I can only apologise for my appalling camera phone, why it is so bad I don't know - shame on you blackberry!

These gorgeous silver glitter and white tipped bows are from Rebel Nails and feature in their new range of 3D textured nail wraps, £7.99. The bows stand out and catch the light and last at least a week for me (which is good considering the amount of hand washing you have to do with a baby!). These don't require any heat either, so just apply to clean nails and file off the excess at the tip.

What do you think of nail wraps, have you tried them? If you'd like to try them, leave a comment and I'll pick someone to send some of my personal stash to try for themselves - whether you've tried them or not!

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