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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Finished! Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil

Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil

I have recently finished my bottle, I used it up as a post shower body moisturiser. It saved me a lot of precious time in the morning as well as delivering a beautiful scent and lots of long lasting moisture. It didn't leave me feeling greasy as it sank in quickly.

Each 200ml bottle is  £20 and contains 4 base oils (sweet almond, wheat, macadamia, jojoba) and lots of other essential oils that give it a herbal/spa scent.

I probably would buy it again if it were available locally as grabbing a bottle whilst passing a store is easier than finding time to order on line (that is when I remember + have time and the ipad to my side!)  However, I could just sign off and be ordering it right now in fact...


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