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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

New Hair by Anne Veck

Flashes of highlights in the fringe, genius.

Me looking less frumpy?
Recently  I was offered a hair cut and colour at Anne Veck's recently renovated salon in Central Oxford. I jumped at the chance for a few reasons; I met Anne on a make up course a few years ago and her salon close to where I used to work. I've had my hair done at Anne's salon before and liked the service and results.

The salon is smart and comfortable, with welcoming staff and a stylists who listen to what you need! I especially liked the massaging chairs whilst my colour was developing. It was indeed mummy-heaven.

I would definitely go back and see Zak, who understood that as a busy mum I need a style that is fun but easy to look after.  Other than those conditions, I let him have free reign and he chose a layered cut with semi permanent colour all over with highlights at the front.  He certainly delivered a fun cut, I love the flashes of colour in the fringe and easy layering that can be restyled with a water spray and worn for a few days between washes without looking messy. The colour will grow out but because it is layered underneath it won't show the roots! It is amazing the difference I feel with a decent hair style, I don't feel frumpy or mumsy!

Book in at Anne's salon for a consultation, contact details are here.

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