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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The things you find out after you're married!

I've been suffering (sympathy please!) from aching shoulders the last few months as I was in training. I was running miles and working up to 20 push ups a day. Full push ups too, not those half arsed knee ones and considering I was starting from a base where I could do none, this was hard work and has taken its toll on my body! (Where's that sympathy?!)

Also working at a computer every day for long hours in a bad posture has given be tight shoulders. I would often get a tension headaches.

My sister came to the rescue, she's an excellent masseuse. I gave her another Tisserand Oil for Christmas (the de-stress lavender oil) which she has been reviewing for me. I am sneaky giving her a present and then asking her to review it! My family are used to it by now. My excuse is that if I want a professional opinion, she is best qualified! When she came to visit she gave me a shoulder massage using the Energy Revive Body Massage oil from Tisserand. It's not a pleasurable experience at all as it's a sports massage. So after a small bought of agonising followed by relieving massage, I felt much better.

The people at Tisserand sent a couple of items to try because I am mad about Orange Blossom Oil fragrance! You might remember that I gave away five sets of five Tisserand goodies in a pre-christmas giveaway.

Here's a picture and what the Tisserand website says about this oil:

  • "95% organic
  • An invigorating body oil to re-charge a tired mind and body
  • Perfect in the morning to deliver get-up-and-go, or later in the day when stamina needs a boost
  • De-luxe skin conditioning, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and omega 5 & 9
  • Contains hand blended oils used by professional therapists
  • Euphoric organic bergamot oil
  • Energising organic grapefruit oil
  • Balancing organic lime oil"

So my sister, as a professional, says that this oil is better for massage than the De-Stress one from Tisserand because it is lighter and easier to work with muscles. It glides over the skin without dragging, but isn't too oily so she can pick up muscles and work on them without slipping.

She uses the De-Stress as a body moisturiser and loves the intense lavender smell. She uses it on her legs before bed to relax and moisturise overnight. What a good idea.

Since my sister lives too far away to give me a daily massage, my husband has taken over. He has certainly been hiding this talent from me. Every birthday he gets me a massage voucher for a local spa. He says he hates having massages and is rubbish at giving them. He SO lied about that as since I pleaded with him to give me a 10 min shoulder massage with this oil in the evening, they are feeling so much better. MEN!

Tisserand Massage oils cost around £8 and are available from their website


  1. Oooh i might beg the husband for a massage tonight. ;) I nominated you for two awards. :)

  2. I love tisserand. Great for you to have two great masseurs you can call on for free! I always feel much better afer a good shoulder massage!
    Emma xx

  3. oh thats lovely! Great review :) Might try it out soon

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