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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Weleda Sensitive Skin Range - Tried and Tested

Weleda is a brand I have been interested in for a while, but there isn't anywhere near me that sells it on a counter or where I can try a sample. I am such a fuss pot when it comes to skin care. Several horrific flare ups over the last few months have made me think twice. It's easy to get the name confused with Wella, Aveda so I wanted to know more about this brand.

I wrote to Weleda asking for advice on which products to use in their range for my skin issues. It was suggested I try their Almond range. They kindly sent me some to try out.

After a few days of trying the range, I broke out in dry, red and inflamed rosacea patches on my cheeks Uh oh, not a good start. Which is the sign that something is up with my skin and with products I am using. The guys at Weleda were very helpful and suggested using a facial oil before the moisturiser. At least the break out allowed me to make a tutorial about concealing, got to look on the bright side. Normally I have had to use steroid creams and anti histamines to bring down the inflammation, but it disappeared after a day or so.

The Almond Cleanser 75ml (£7.95) is I think a mid priced cleanser with no scent or colour. It is a very lightly whipped cream. It reminds me of aqueous cream minus the heavy greasy feel. I apply this lightly all over the face and then remove with a damp muslin cloth. It comes in a metal tube, which has no effect on the product, but it isn't something you see often. The only reason I pick this up is because this makes it easier for me to recycle. I reckon that a tube would last about six weeks used day and night.

This cleanser isn't meant for removing eye make up. I was advised to try using the facial oil (very useful tip). Then use the cleanser over the face to remove the rest. It's not my favourite cleanser as it makes my skin feel stripped of oil and slightly tacky. If you can live with that for the few minutes before applying your moisturiser, then it's a non existent point really.

The Almond Moisture Cream 30ml (9.95) is another mid priced light day and night product. I found that I needed a little more moisture so used it over a facial oil. You don't need very much of this when used with the oil and it provides lasting hydration through the day and night. If you don't feel you need the oil during the day, save it for your night routine.

The one problem I found and this is important is that my favourite foundation does not like it. It separates and goes clumpy especially under the eyes. This isn't any fault in the product, it's because it is water based and my foundation is oil based. Fear not, if I use it with a mineral, no probs at all.

Almond Facial Oil (around £9 for 50ml depending on where you get it!).
This light oil is fantastic and has many uses. I tried it as an eye make up remover, it did work but I prefer my not so secret rosewater and glycerin. But I could add some almond oil to the mix to add some extra nutrients? As an overnight moisture treatment combined with some facial massage it is wonderfully light. It has no smell so if you're sensitive to smells then this is for you. I wouldn't wear the oil during the day as it may be too heavy.

Would I buy the cleanser and moisturiser again? No is the answer. As a daily products go they are gentle on my skin and quite effective. I have no complaints there. I think that they are worth the money as they are organic and cruelty free too. I would say that these are for you if your skin is sensitive but not dry like mine as it doesn't work for me during the day.

However, the one thing I will keep using is the Almond Facial Oil as it is an amazingly simple addition to your night moisturising routine that you will see the benefits of using regularly and in a short time. A little goes a long way, just a couple of drops are needed before your regular moisturiser. It really boosts the skin leaving it soft and feeling good in the morning! I would repurchase this as it's hard to find high quality oils that don't upset my skin.

You can also add some to your bath as a moisturising treat. Use it to dilute your favourite essential oils for massage. A manicurist once told me that this is also an amazing daily treat you can use on your cuticles to strengthen up weak nails. I have some other products to try in the mean time so if they fail then I am going to try this.

It's pretty much the bees nees.


  1. Oh yes, I see the weleda products every time I go to the drugstore. So far I've tried quite a lot of body care items, the salty toothpaste and the iris face line, which unfortunately gave me allergic reactions, super dry skin (it's normally combination), redness and itchiness.. no, not again..
    But I love the smell of the seabuckthorn products and actually found the bodylotion very smooth and whipped-like in consistency, I liked it! A holy grail is the citrus deo, the rest was so-so for my skin, the alcohol and essential oils seem to always irritate my skin.

  2. I've been meaning to buy almond oil, so thanks for reviewing this. I love the idea of incorporating it with your usual moisturizer. Genius!

  3. I bought some Almond Oil today :) HAve been googling away to find uses for it.

    Bought some jajoba oil to. Have you tried that? would be nice to hear your thoughts on it.

    I have a sample of Weleda Skin Food for dry and rough skin.

    It looks really thick and heavy so I use it only on my cuticles. It is amazing for keeping the skin around my nails and cuticles smooth. I also love the smell :)

  4. I tried the Rose Moisturizer but I don't like the smell, too strong for me... But I love Almond Oil which I massage on my hands when they are very dry. Gorgeous. Thank you for the idea to mix it with my moisturizer :-)

  5. Thanks for htis, I have been wanting to try Almond Oil for a while...its good for hair as well but havent as of yet tried it on my skin.

    As always you've been a great help.

    take care
    Seema :)

  6. I see these products all the time too. Great info. The oil sounds interesting...might give it a try.

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