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Friday, 26 February 2010

A Facebook Friend Requested this look!

What a gorgeous look! A friend on my Facebook facebook/oxfordjasmine requested this look. I took a close look at it and something didn't ring true about it. I realise that all images in adverts are digitally airbrushed and enhanced just as this one is but see below for my interpretation.

can you do xactly this eyes?

It is near impossible to recreate this look. Check out how the eyeliner goes across the crease and on the inner corner. It doesn't look natural. Then look at mine below. No one has an eye crease that will make this look flawless. It's still a beautiful look and it makes your eyes look huge! Just bear this in mind if you send me a photo to recreate, it might be impossible unless I learn how to photoshop! I prefer Arab inspired than Amy Winehouse please!

Products used:

e.l.f cream eyeliner in black* This eyeliner does not budge once set.
e.l.f dramatic lashes*
Urban Decay Rocks (gems)* The glue is really good for eye lashes too.
Since no one bought lonely gorgeous gold e/s from my MAC sale I decided to use it! I also had a sample of Vanilla pigment. Project kill all my MAC products commences!

Products marked with * were sent to me for review.


  1. Very pretty, i love huge wings of eyeliner.

  2. did you get the flick so perfect? looks great :o)

  3. this look, hope you don't mind if i link back to this on my blog.

  4. i never knew elf did cream eyelinerS?

  5. this is gorgeous! so very close to the actual picture :)

  6. stunning! you did an amazing job of recreating! especially seeing as the original was done with computers! x

  7. It's perfect, but your piercing left no room for an inner corner wing toward your nose, like in the photoshopped picture.


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