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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Make up for work, that's not brown!

Not long ago, a lovely subscriber explained her dilemma to me. She loves make up but has a job where wearing a lot of make up is frowned upon if you want to be taken seriously. She wanted a soft grey look, so I did my best to oblige.

I can sympathise, for most of my twenties I was also in a job where I had to wear a suit EVERY day to work. I hated it and I have never felt less feminine in my life. It used to be that if I did my hair or wore lipgloss, it was noticed. It was almost as if I should have made it in to work 20 mins earlier rather than spend time on my appearance.

So I got out of the habit of wearing make up and making an effort to feel good. It got to the point where if I wore make up for a work function, it was noticed with some surprise and almost wonder that I could look so different (in a good way I hope). I was also treated differently, huh double standard anyone?!

I hope this tutorial, which is either uploaded or nearly uploaded depends when you read this, on my channel helps you regain your lust for make up. Ladies and Gents, style does not end with a suit. You can wear make up to work, feel sexy and be taken seriously.

I love doing real life useful looks. I know this doesn't make me very popular on YouTube where extremes of fashion and celebrity are king. I am comforted somewhat that at least one person will actually use this look for every day life!

Products used:
Marks and Spencer Autograph Colour Mousse Eye Shadow in Graphite
e.l.f Studio Eye Shadows in Pebble and Charcoal*
Bourjois Liner Stylo in Black
Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara in Black
Beauty Without Cruelty Lip Defining Pencil in Pinky Brown*
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Velvet Plum
Almay Stay Smooth Antichap Lip Colour in Tan

Items marked with * were sent to me for review and I quite liked them!

What sort of make up do you wear to work, or would you like to wear to work/college/school?!


  1. I really like this look on you! I'm really lucky though, I can wear whatever the hell I want make up wise to work. I just have to look professional if we have a VIP visit. Although, generally I don't bother. The bacteria don't really care.

  2. That's really beautiful! It's so true that the workplace can be where women loose all their confidence and creativity with make up - I stopped wearing fun make up when I started training to be a teacher (5 years ago eeep) and I've only recently got back into it. :)

  3. Great look! I too wear gray to work a lot because its easy and not over the top; just enough to make me look polished. Also you have beautiful eyelashes. :)

  4. i really like this look on you. it's very flattering!


  5. Great look, I wear something similar most days to work as it's all I can get away with. I wore (for the first time in ages)a skirt just above the knee to work today and the comments I got about looking 'sexy' and 'racy' were so irritating!

  6. so glad u did this..i need good neutral looks for work, but i just hate browns, they make me loook tired!

  7. you are looking really gorgeous. my eye area is very dark, got very bad dark circle and also upper eye lid is dark. so eye makeup makes me look more dull.
    any suggestion?

  8. @Ani, for your dark circles, I would recommend a full coverage concealer, nothing else is going to cut it. But watch out for creasing so set it well with a finely milled powder.

  9. thanks a lot dear.will try to get a good one.

  10. nice :o) i tend to just line my eyes - either dark brown or black..the colours come out in the summer! lipstick also tends to take a backseat for me until the warmer months - my lips are just so chapped in the cold!


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