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Friday, 12 February 2010

Pandora's Box is now full of make up, who knew?

Greek legend has it that Pandora's Box was crammed full of all the sorrows of mankind (disease, hunger, pestilence, war). Pandora being a typical woman had to go and open it. Once opened they were set loose upon the world. I guess with such a gorgeous ornate box lying around, seems like the thing to do to keep make up in it. After all, what will Jupiter do with it now?

The unforgettable film Notting Hill springs to mind whenever I look at the products I was sent by this brand... "It's like opening Pandora's box and there's trouble inside" to which Spike replies "I once knew a girl called Pandora.... never got in her box though". Forgive the rudeness, I felt the need to share that with you.

Enough rambling, on to the review!

I love the taste of the lipgloss, it is a sweet caramel mint smell, not too overpowering and doesn't taste too minty either. The colour is "Smile" and is a caramel/coral colour with a high shine and pleasing texture. It makes my lips look luscious and moisturised. It is a bit sticky but not unpleasantly so. The doefoot applicator does a good job of applying the gloss and it is thick enough not to sit in the grooves in my lips and it lasts a fair while without drying out and sticking to the dry bits on my lips. I keep rubbing my lips together to see if there is any grittiness, but there isn't and I am thankful for that. At $16/£10 I think it's about comparable with most mid range glosses.

The mascara is the best thing I was sent, a generous 10ml tube. The mascara is wonderfully glossy and black but doesn't go on too thickly. The brush is easy to work with the lashes, nothing too fancy but it does a good job of separating and lengthening. It doesn't do much to volumise. I think it's almost effortlessly the best mascara I've tried lately. At $19 or £12, that's also a mid range price.

and now for something really horrible, I have been saving up my eyebrows for a threading tutorial... so look at this at your peril! But I think you'll agree my lashes look awesome!

The packaging is cute and girly, partly cardboard for sustainability and recycling sake. Printed with Soy Ink as well.

The verdict, would I buy this range, yes I definitely would. I haven't talked much about the eye shadows but they are pretty good and very generous sizes (same as MUFE). I may review those at a later date.

If you want to see another review of Pandora's Box products, go to PinkieCharm's channel as she has reviewed four of their blushers. I was sent a selection of products to try and these are the ones I liked best and have been using for a while.


  1. wow that's your natural eyelashes? you have such luscious eyelashes! hehehe... wow, i've never heard of Pandora's Box makeup brand... seems like you're liking it so far? =)

  2. Hi DANA, thank you! My lashes look a little boring normally so I have to jazz them up with mascara! Pandora's Box is a new Canadian brand, well worth trying. I haven't tried everything but from what I have, I like it!


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