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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Flormar Supershine Lipstick in 501 from Turkey

Please forgive the hasty application, it really doesn't do this lovely lipstick any justice!

I've been swapping with a lovely lady in Turkey who sent me, amongst other lovely things, a Flormar Supershine Lipstick in 501 (no name). I will do a review of the other items as soon as I have had a good play with them, but I am very grateful as I love trying new make up.

Apparently, all the Turkish ladies are mad for this brand and I can see why. This is a very nice feeling lipstick, creamy, moisturising and packed with colour. The only thing I will say is that it does have a strange taste. Having applied it a few times, it is already wearing down as it is very soft. The consistency reminds me of NYX lipsticks which is good as I love NYX lippies!

I did a cursory web search and found out that you can buy Flormar in the UK via the UK website. It's not a great website but these lipsticks are £3.99 on there. I don't know if that's comparable with Turkish prices and whether we are paying too much. I think Flormar is comparable in quality to Collection 2000.

The only thing apart from the taste, which is bitter, is that you will feel like you're wearing lipstick as it is quite thick. Personally I love the consistency and I could use a reminder before I do something stupid like blow my nose and get lipstick everywhere!

Would I consider purchasing more from this range, probably not, only because of the taste! Other than that, it's a great bargain lipstick.

I used this over a layer of e.l.f All Over Cover Stick in Medium which is an excellent lip erase and concealer. In hindsight, I should have also used a lip liner pencil to prevent smudging!


  1. This colour looks wonderful on you!

  2. Wow! The color looks so elegant on you :) I will check out their website for sure!

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