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Monday, 15 February 2010

A Gift from my Best Friend!

I have only just managed to get together with my best friend since we've been too busy in the run up to Christmas. Do you ever have friends like that? You would dearly love to see more often but where does the time go?

Anyway, we swapped Christmas presents and this is what she bought me, we've known each other for over 12 years and she knows me so well. I love this gorgeous glass bead bracelet she chose for me.

What did I get her? She is expecting her first child soon so a cuddly Pooh bear and a large silver frame for Baby piccies. I also gave her some relaxing Tisserand bath oil that I have been loving, just perfect for those precious moments whilst Daddy is looking after Baby!

She keeps asking when I am going to think about having babies...! Well, never say never!

What's the nicest gift you've given or received lately?


  1. pretty bracelet! your friend has great taste!

  2. Aww absolutely lovely, that's *exactly* the type of jewellery I like :)


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