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Monday, 1 March 2010

What the Frutels? Tried and Tasted, no typo intended

With Easter around the corner, all I can think about is chocolate. So it was no surprise when these arrived in the post that I decided to review them, for you obviously. With a name like Frutels, you're expecting a fruit flavoured sweet, but be prepared for a bitter dark chocolate which allegedly supports clear skin by dosing you up with vitamins and antioxidants and the like. I found these whilst I was looking at a report about innovation in cosmetics, I thought they looked intriguing so I requested a sample.

At 24 calories per ball, each ball being about 1.5 cm in diameter, you might think these are "good" for you but it's still chocolate at the end of the day. Each ball contains 2.5g of fat so eating a few of these on top of your normal food will push your fat intake up. It's like buying in to the idea of diet coke, so many people got the wrong end of the stick - "just drinking diet coke will make you thin? Even if you drink it with a doughnut?"

I am not a fan of dark chocolate, preferring the milk variety even more preferably with caramel inside, but these are quite intense once you get used to them. Once you get over the disappointment that it is dark chocolate, they give me a chocolate high without the sugar high and accompanying low. However, despite containing cocoa butter (not that nasty Orang-utan killing palm oil that cheap chocolate uses) it is still crumbly rather than melting.

I eat one of these every so often, have found that nothing has changed about my skin and if it did I don't think I could attribute it to this product alone.

Nope, no caramel here!

Frutels website is here.

I have a box for three lucky commenters! If you'd like to win one then leave me a comment with your funniest diet myth please!


  1. one of my friends drinks apple cider vinegar every day because it is "supposed" to clear skin and make you lose weight!


  2. I usually sleep really late, so I'd like to believe that eating as much as I can after midnight and before going to bed doesn't really count... This period of time is a grey area to me; in which date should I add my sweet-tooth calories, the day before midnight or the day after? I gave up and decided to omit them... Weird, eh!

  3. I know this isn't a myth but I've come to the conclusion: it's your mind that makes you lose weight. Of course, exercise helps, don't get me wrong, but your mind is the one that gets you in the mood to do it.
    When I am happy, I can exercise all day if I want. I have PLANS! Plans to look fabulous and slim again.
    When I am depressed, I couldn't care less about losing weight. I mean after all, who cares what I look like, and I feel bad enough without having to worry about how I look, so I ignore the obvious.
    When I am sad, same thing.
    When I am mad, hold me back! I plan on losing so much weight that no one will recognize me and my partner better hold on to his horses, because all the men in town will be banging down my door to get to me. (in my dreams! haha)
    So, depending on what mood I am in, I can either exercise or veg. That is why I cannot seem to lose the weight I have gathered over the last few years. My moods are so varied, I ought to be going through menopause. (but thankfully Im not as im only 29!)
    So, all I have to do is be happy all the time, mad all the time or, at least, tell myself I am and maybe I can trick my mind into thinking that until I am a size 10 again!

    :) xx

  4. There's no calories in food if you eat standing up! Or alcohol, definitely no calories in alcohol either. Many a time have I told myself that one! ;) xx

  5. Not so much a myth but a diet crazy friend once thought there was calories in air! x

  6. Sounds like snakeoil wrapped in tin foil to me. No little chocie ball is going to clear the skin up magically!

    And I laughed my a** off at the comment about Diet Coke. So true... why are people willing to dupe themselves?! What is the point? NO, it won't make you thin, not with a donut, not with a muffin... perhaps if it's replacing the 50oz of regular Coke you used to drink (but then we need to talk about something else all together. Mainly, why you think it's okay to drink that much crap and what the rest of your lifestyle habits are like because I bet they're bad). I digress...

    Good, funny find.

  7. I always find it hilarious on the Devil Wears Prada when Emily says that she waits until she feels she is about to faint and then eats a block of cheese to stop her!
    Definitely not appealing.

    Also find it funny when people tell you that big macs are a key to dieting. Not quite sure how that works. haha.


  8. My most stupid weight loss technique was....when I was a teenager I heard that if you are cold your body uses up calories to warm itself...which is true. But I used to sit in my school playground in the middle of December for my lunch a thin blouse and no jumper of jacket! I seriously just rather go for a jog or eat less lol!


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