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Friday, 12 March 2010

Dotty Nails of the Day

A bit of dotty fun using two favourite colours of mine, Kingfisher blue and Silver. I'm off to a party later so I thought I'd do something simple but eye catching on my nails.

I used Bourjois Cocktail a Barcelone, which is one of the mini range. It takes about four coats to get the colour in the bottle. Here I am wearing only two plus a topcoat. In real life it isn't as patchy as it looks in the photographs.

Then I took a dotting tool to create a mini crescent at the nail bed (not very good at these yet) and three small dots down the centre of the nail. I think I might for fun, dispense with the crescent and draw a shirt collar or dickie bow instead and make it in to a formal shirt!

It's not as elaborate as some but if you're a beginner like me and want to do something a bit special but not too over the top, this could work for you too.


  1. This is cute! Where can you get a dotting tool?

  2. Awe! How cute! That silver dots looks very nice!

  3. @Antigone21 I just bought a nail art set on eBay and the dotting tool is part of it. You can always use a toothpick, old pen nib, anything which will give you a small enough dot!

    @Anastacia Thanks Hun! xx Glad you got the blog prize in the post!


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