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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

e.l.f Studio Concealer Review

A few quick swatches of the new e.l.f Studio Concealer sticks which will soon be available. As with most e.l.f Studio products, these concealers are priced at £3.50 each. For 3g I'd say it's an average price, not cheap or high end. The product is small, when I twisted it up I don't know why I expected more but then I guess it reminds me of a lip stick. I would say it was about the same size as a lip balm in terms of quantity of product. I had to remind myself that concealers are the expensive bit of any make up kit because they are essential! We rely on our concealers, we don't want to have to reapply throughout the day them and we expect a lot from their performance.

The Studio Concealer is available in four colours, Ivory, Beige, Honey and Tan, I've swatched them below. Tan is a perfect match for my skin tone. I think the other three are all pink based so should do well on Caucasian skin tones of a pinkish undertone. Tan, at the moment is the darkest shade but I hope that darker colours will come out at some point. I think there will be dissent amongst the super pale that Ivory isn't light enough but feedback of this nature has been good as it has made e.l.f bring out new colours to suit. So don't hold back!

Click on any of the images for a massive full window pic!

Swatched on white paper.
The colour in the tube is different to a thin layer.

Swiped on the skin, no blending

Blended with a brush, tan is perfect.

It conceals dark circles with ease but will crease unless you blend and set it well. It sets fast and doesn't budge for anything other than soap or make up remover! I found it to be smooth feeling and I forgot it was there. When I did touch my face, the concealer felt slightly waxy but not irritating. I would be happy to forego colour corrective concealers for a thick layer of this concealer as it covered by red cheeks in the same way.

When you apply it first, every pore will be visible, I stared in horror at my reflection! Thankfully, after blending with a warm finger or damp sponge, it blends in very well. Do not, for the love of Dave, apply under the eye area direct from the stick. It will drag the delicate skin to bits. Do use a finger, brush or sponge for a more delicate touch.

I am not normally a fan of dry or stick concealers as they tend to cling to dry skin that I didn't even know I had! I tend to favour liquids or minerals but I think this one contains a lot of dimethicone to combat this effect.

How does this compare to the other Studio concealers, well the pencil concealer is still a favourite for spots as it contains tea tree oil and really is the thickest for complete obliteration of dark marks and scars. The under eye concealer and highlighter is still my favourite for lifting the under eye area. I think this one is a good all rounder because it can be used all over the face. It doesn't brighten like the under eye concealer or obliterate like the pencil but on days when you haven't got time for both, it will perform well enough to get you through the day.

Was there anything I didn't like, yes the cap kept falling off of one of them and I am still wondering if it could be bigger! For the price I would say it is good value but I am going to need to replace it quite often which is not too bad a thing if I have two as back ups! Would I replace it again when this runs out, I prefer the undereye concealer and highlighter, but yes I think I would, I feel that it's a pretty handy and effortless concealer.

The Studio Concealers* will be available soon (I don't have a set date yet) from

*The e.l.f concealer sticks were sent to me for free. I am affiliated with e.l.f but this has not affected my review of this product.


  1. Thanks for the review hun. I am kind of interested in the under-eye concealor. Would you say its like Touche Eclat?

  2. oooh!!! can't wait!
    thanx for letting us know, i'll wait for this, the i'll get the cream liner with!

  3. Hey! Thks for the review..

    ELF has just launched on a small scale in India - but they havn't got their studio line. They are just selling a few of their normal products... Since u are affiliated with them, can you, pretty please, ask them to launch the studio line here soon!

    Esp the cream liner in a pot! :D :D

  4. @Ashwini the under eye concealer isn't as thick as touche eclat but it does the job for a fraction of the price. Try the medium shade and just use a small amount as it goes a long way.

    @Tanveer Parmar, I wish I had that sort of influence and it's a different distributor in India than to the UK. The best thing to do is write to the US HQ via the e.l.f US website. If e.l.f takes off in India, the Studio line will follow I am sure.

  5. For the love of Dave? Ha ha, I love that expression.
    I got my Elf order yesterday Jasmine, so thanks for that.
    Do I have one of these concealers? Or was it a different one you threw in there? Either way it looks great (and smells lovely!) and I can't wait to try it.
    Hope you're having a nice week xx

  6. thanks for the swatches hun :) looks promising!

  7. @Lauren Loves... I think you have the cover stick which is a foundation and concealer in one!

  8. what would you say is the best undereye concealer? x


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