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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Face of Australia Divine Shine Lip Gloss

Massive thanks to a lovely swapper in Australia who sent me this gorgeous lip gloss called Divine Shine. The colour is called Island Breeze and I just had to share the love of it!

I've tried a few Face of Australia products thanks to this lovely swapper and I have so far been really happy with the lip products the most. One of my new favourites is Amber Suede Lip Quench SPF30. I am very much looking forward to using this all summer long!

The colour of Island Breeze is quite complex, it looks a bit shocking in the tube!

On the lips it is more subtle with a hint of peachy coral shimmer. I wore this on its own and it made my lips look redder and juicy.

The gloss is quite sticky but not greasy feeling. It feels very moisturising over a lip stick too. I love this nude feeling gloss which you could wear anywhere. I love products that go with anything and are no fuss!

The best thing about this lip gloss is the smell! It's like ice cream and sweets all mixed in to one delicious extravaganza. I think this is perfect for summer but I am worried about attracting bees and wasps ha ha!


  1. Wow, now I need to get some for myself. I haven't tried this one yet. I'm so glad you liked it. I saw it on the shelf and I swear it called your name.

  2. I have this too and it's lovely! You have to try the Australis Mineral Injection lipglosses, I swear they smell just like Liptons peach iced Tea and they go on so nicely! Lovely colours to boot!

  3. As a side note, I contacted Australis about their plans to come to the UK. They might be coming!!!

  4. Nice! I hope they do. As a cheaper brand they make some decent stuff. Now to harrass elf to come back to Australia lol.


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