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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Urban Decay Stardust Eye Shadows

In my opinion I love Urban Decay shadows because they are creamy and pigmented and have an exciting colour range. However being older than the average bold colour wearing make up addict, I feel that they are too glittery for my deep set prominent eyes. So I was somewhat unmoved by news of the new Stardust Collection; a collection of 9 new shades of hyper glittery eye shadows. Comparable in price to other mid range shadows, this is an improvement because they contain 3.5g of product for £13.50 each (which is quite a lot more than their normal shadows). Still at £13.50 each you're going to have to really love these to get the whole set.

The two shadows I was sent are Bobby Dazzle (a nude cream similar to Sin) and Void (Charcoal Grey similar to Perversion). The glitter quotient may be high but it is a very finely milled and soft glitter.

When applying the shadows Bobby Dazzle doesn't show up on me as per usual with creamy nude shades. I am left with fine silver glitter which looks kind of cool. Void is a soft grey when used dry, with a silver glitter overlay. Now contrary to the press blurb, there is fall out but not as much as usual! Click on any of the images for a larger version.

The swatches below show the difference in pigmentation. I used them wet as well as dry and didn't really see much difference between the two in terms of the colour intensity. Perhaps the wet was a little more intense but not by much. I wouldn't say these are packed with pigmentation but very nice over a base or for a subtle wash of colour with a very fine glitter. But I don't think these shadows are about intensity, more about the lovely fine sparkle. It really is beautiful. Even for my near ancient lids I was pleased that it wasn't mega chunky glitter that generally doesn't do me any favours. Void isn't really suitable for every day wear but I would certainly whip this one out for a night out, it's quicker and less messy than pigments and glitter!

Am I going to buy the rest of the colours, no I don't think so, well may be just one...

I really like the smart and user friendly packaging, no breaking nails on these little compacts! See the video below for what I mean!

What is your favourite eye shadow at the moment?


  1. I was sent a couple of these today - they look like they would be good over a smoky dark eye...

  2. these look pretty good! I like the silvery shade :)

  3. I am really excited about trying these out. I think I'm going to get Bobby Dazzler and the teal one.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. they look so pretty..just wish they werent so pricey

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  6. Thanks for posting this review, ive been wanting to try these shadows. Thanks so much.

  7. Love the gray silver look.It makes the eyes get a subtle yet attractive shimmering effect.The accompanying dress is very important though.
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