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Friday, 24 September 2010

Concession? More like CON-SESSION!

I recently left a comment on one of my favourite blogs - Lipglossiping (go check it out immediately after reading this!). The post was about make up snobbery, it's true as you become a hardened addict and user of make up, seeing the same brands on the shelves loses its appeal. I now actively search for new and interesting brands to try. Obviously being cruelty free means that most new collections from the higher end are not applicable to me so I feel somewhat relieved about that, so is my husband and bank balance.

Proper well priced make up to me is not sold in stores, it is found online. Remove the middle man (shops) and you get a decent price. More importantly to me, the workers, manufacturers and brand get a decent profit too. Brands who sell in stores on average make only 15 - 20% of the sale price of THEIR brands in stores. The store takes the rest in return for dirty stands, surly staff and ruined packaging. At least online you know that the product you are getting has not been opened, messed about with or ruined by others. It sits quietly in a cool warehouse (perfect temperatures for keeping make up, not in a hot brightly lit store), waiting to be picked and packed.

So think about that next time you're in a shop perusing the latest collection, is it really value for money or just cheap make up? There is a huge difference.

I am a big fan on online make up, you take your chances when buying in terms of colour selection but you know you're getting a quality product at a reasonable price rather than a cheap product at an artificially inflated price. Check out e.l.f, Lily Lolo, Beauty Without Cruelty and be amazed at the value for money you are getting compared to a similarly priced product in a store.

So do you think concessions in stores are Con-Sessions? I do.


  1. I read your comment at with interest. I find it facinating how a company say like ELF can produce makeup and brushes in particular which are pretty darned good (studio powder brush in particular), for a fraction of the price of a more established brand, and of course as you say it is cutting out the middle man and not spending on advertising. I have issues with more main stream brands because I don't like the formulas and find their shades in foundations distinctly lacking. However, I also feel that makeup should be available to all, it is amazing at making one look and feel better and no matter how friendly some higher end brands would claim to be, whether you are 14 or 44, the SAs can be extremely intimidating, but buying all makeup online can lead to some dire mistakes. Thanks for making me think. Jan

  2. I agree with you about the price of some brands of make-up, for me, it's not justified. I'm absolutely not a snob in make up but, unfortunately I have horrible allergies in my eyes with make-up and I can't use anything but Clinique as mascara, eyeshadows, liner etc... So I have to buy these very expensive products or wear no make up on my eyes (that is what I do very often) . Fortunately, I can use ELF foundation, blush, powder and brushes and I love this brand :)

  3. The state of the nail polish display in my local department store is disgusting. The bottles have clearly been there for ages - both on the promo racks and behind the counter. Doesn't give me confidence. I nearly always buy online.
    Only trouble with ELF is it's made in China and China has an appalling record on human rights so ELF is a no-no for me.
    I buy my YSL polishes from ebay at a third of the in-shop price.

  4. I tend to buy from ELF now because I like the products, they are good quality and cheaper than the high street.

    I still buy drugstore foundation because I can match to my skin, but everything else is ELF.

    If it does the job, why would I buy anything else?

  5. Hi Jaljen, There are a few brands which are still made in England or Italy but not many. YSL is mainly made in China and India.

  6. hey jasmine - great post- i recently met Kjaer Weis and found out loads about her brand - if you dont already know shes created a very simple, natural and organically sourced makeup range that are cruelty free, although the line is very small, in which there are literally 4 eye shades, 2 blushers and 3 lip stains - they are all colours that we would definately use every day for a soft natural look with the flexibility to bump it up for a night out. Her concept s very eco friendly as she designed refillable packaging that r definitely durable too - i think ull love it, as high end products with such philosophy is very hard to come by. check it out if you get the chance too, id love to hear your thoughts on it

    Sorry for super long post but i just had to let ya know :)

  7. Great post! The other day while at the salon, we were talking make up and debating MAC. Largely due to your blog, I only use cruelty free brushes (which are cleaner!!) I faced a little snobbery - but after the conversation it was clearly based on ignorance.

  8. I looooooooooove Lipglossing it is my new addiction :0)
    Totally agree with you about surly staff and dirty stands. Thankfully? I am now housebound so only shop online and thanks to you tube have found some amazing make up and silly cheap prices. I just wish more sites would send perfume samples and I would be sorted :0) xxxJoolsxxx


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