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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

P2 Dangerous Nail Polish

A few months ago I swapped a few items with a good friend and equal make up fiend in Germany. She sent me a nail polish by P2. I really liked it and asked her to send me some more when we next swapped.

The other day I decided to wear the colour "dangerous" which is a dark teal colour. Dangerous is a deep rich colour, there is no shimmer. So what you get in the bottle is what after two coats, you get on your nails. I instantly loved it. I am tempted to see how it looks with an irridescent top coat or turquoise glitter but I am resisting the urge so far.

From my limited knowledge, someone correct me please if I am wrong, gel (or jellies) based nail polishes seem to be much better for bold colours. They go on like a charm and dry much faster but they feel a little thicker on the nails. I don't have many gel based nail polishes, but I quite like these and how smooth they feel on the nails.

It has lasted quite well, I have been wearing it for four days, but now it is time to take it off as it is starting to chip. Not badly but it is always more noticeable with dark colours. I didn't use a top coat so might even last longer.

The other thing I like about this colour is during the day it looks blue and in artificial lighting it looks more dark green.


  1. Oh, no, I'm sooo silly! I really thought that you'd worn nail foils by Rebel! Damn, you applied the nail varnish flawlessly (I envy you because my nails never look that perfect with nail varnish), thus, I was wrong. But it's good to see that your nails recovered and that you can enjoy nail varnish again! By the way, P2 has released some new nail varnish colours (pastels and a hot pink) and 2 crackling nail varnish top coats in black and silver (they are comparable to the Isadora Graffiti nail polishes, but they are quite cheaper).;-) xx

  2. It is a very intense colour - my ignorance is that I didn't even know that there were gel nail varnishes at all *hangs head in shame* How interesting, I will look out for further comments on this post. Thanks for the pics and post Jan

  3. beautiful colour, i love it without shimmer because the gel (?!) texture of the polish doesnt make it look flat or dry!
    and you have really great nails!

  4. I really like the colour, I don't think I've ever had a gel/jelly formula before. I've just seen another NARS colour which looks very similar and again has the same sort of formula. I might need to investigate!


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