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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New e.l.f Autumn nail colours

New Autumnal shades plus a clear matte top coat released from e.l.f UK today!
The big news is that the clear mattifyer is here! It works really well and I've been using it to create cunningly disguised patterns on my nails. It's a really good way to make a work appropriate colour more interesting, applying in stripes and dots so only those very close up can tell. But you know it's there!
As ever, click on any of the images for a larger version.
New nail polish additions

Rosy Raisin
Rosy Raisin plus matte top coat

Red Velvet

Red Velvet plus matte topcoat
Purple Pleaser

Purple Pleaser with matte topcoat

Cranberry plus matte topcoat
Although Red Velvet and Cranberry look similar, Cranberry is a deeper shade of red. Purple pleaser is a deep indigo plum and looks lovely when used with the matte topcoat. Perfectly understated but colourful at the same time!
Apply gently to avoid streaks with the matte colours as they are less forgiving than shimmery ones and shake well to homogenise the polish. The matte topcoat is really easy to apply, try to avoid getting it on the skin as if you're a nail polish picker like me, it will easily come off but you might end up peeling the rest off as well!
I am affiliated with e.l.f but this is not a sponsored post.


  1. I particularly like purple pleaser with top coat :) I know you may not have had it long, but I've found that matte topcoats tend to make polishes chip more easily- how does the elf version hold up?

  2. Gorgeous colours - love purple pleaser and rosy raisin!

  3. I want to try elf nail polish for a very long time...And the news of matte topcoat seem so exciting....however, I like elf to have more product or bigger bottle...It is not that expensive, but for me I think I can buy $1 nail polish from drugstore brand with the same quality and bigger quantity. Elf polishes is kinda small for $1. I tried elf nail polish once, and it is pretty ok...but it is quite streaky, but 2-3 coats is fine...Fast trying though...but does not last that long..

  4. @GretalRabbit, it dries pretty well but remains a little soft so resist the temptation to peel! Chipping isn't such a problem, just the normal tipwear with dark colours.

    @ngocupham I have polishes which cost 10 times the e.l.f ones and are smaller and aren't as good. I also like that they are formaldehyde and toluene free.

  5. The colours are lovely but I think a matte top coat isn't for me. I think Rosy Raisin is one for me to add on my next order!

  6. Love the purple pleaser.

    follow me.....

  7. i like the colors but i hfind i dont like these nail polishes they stain my nail even if i use a base which sucks and you have to put more coats on yjen higher quality nail polish, kinda dsappointing

  8. The colours look perfect for autumn, and they all look gorgeous, especially Purple Pleaser.


  9. Oooh, I like the look of Red Velvet. Plus, I'm loving matte topcoats right now!

  10. Really very nice colors. I like purpule most.

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  11. Hmmm, I don't really get the matt look... Maybe it's just me but I think the colours are fantastic and striking when they're shiny and the matt coat just kinda takes away from it. But then I guess it's good to have the option! :)

  12. The colors are really pretty! :) I'll have to agree with All Made Up though, matte top coats make the colors look really flat and dull.. That's just me though! Many people like them!


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