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Friday, 10 September 2010

Rebel Rebel! Chrome Nails Giveaway

A few months ago, my nails were feeling very grotty and weak, so I investigated nail stickers as I was on a nail polish ban to get my nails back to health. It worked by the way but I am still careful not to apply nail polish too often.

The price is comparable to stick on nails, but I didn't want to try stick on nails because they generally look terrible against my skin tone and catch my hair with the glue pads if I run my fingers through my hair.

So my investigation brought me to Rebel Nails. I loved the look and price so ordered some to try.
I watched the video on how to apply them and tried it for myself. I loved them, but I needed more practice really to make them perfect.

I am now on my sixth or seventh set and I am a bit of a pro. I wear them whenever I have an excuse really, and I always get lovely comments about my nails and where I got them "done".

I have converted so many people to these as well, they look just fabulous for a night out. I would say they last five days maximum on the fingers, but up to six weeks on the toes. The only reason I had to take them off was to cut my toe nails!

Enter the R8Beauty giveaway to win some of your very own here

So now on the to the "nail" candy pictures! Click on them to make them larger.

Under £10 for a nail finish you just can't get with polish!

Some common problems when using Rebel Nails for the first time, it gets better I promise!

On my way to a party!
On the beach on holiday!

In the Surf on holiday! Really good action shot, no?!

Enter the giveaway to win some of your very own here


  1. Wow, it looks good! And less messier than Konad

  2. they look amazing - though I imagine it'd take plenty of practice to get them just right. love the mirror finish cos it's completely different from any nail polish and really stands out :)

  3. Goodness whatever next? I would never have imagined you could get anything like this finish on nails, they look incredible. You'd always have a mirror to hand (sorry terrible pun!).

  4. Wow, the finish on that is amazing! I wonder how they'd stand up to my sort of work environment.

    Also quite interested in the Ogio.....

  5. They look amazing! I'm very tempted as my nails are atrocious as I said. These would be very yummy mummy! ;)
    Jane x

  6. Awe! Wow! It looks gorgeous! Wondering how it feels on the nails...

  7. Wow amazing!!!! :) How long do they last Jasmine? :)

  8. These look great! I saw a lady with gold toenails like this on the tube last week - I was wondering how she got the finish! now I know! Thanks xx

  9. I love how they look! It's not a finish you can quite achieve with a nail polish. I am lemming the metallic ones.

  10. I really love these too! i really want to check these out myself now!

  11. You really should check these out! On the toes, these last about 4-6 weeks. On the finger nails you could realistically get 4 days, unless you don't do the washing up etc... These are spectacular for a special evening out or for fabby holiday toes.


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