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Saturday, 25 September 2010

My Hero Product

My hero product is Karin Herzog Glyco Rose Gel. It is a medium concentrate glycolic acid treatment for scars, uneven skin tone and skin rejuvenation. I absolutely love it and use it at least once a week to pep up and freshen dull skin.

If you haven't tried a chemical exfoliant before, it is always advisable to patch test for sensitivity for at least 24 hours before using.

I have recommended this product to women and men for the treatment of fine lines, dark marks left from sun exposure, acne pock marks and uneven skin tone. I also get those little white head spots, which aren't whiteheads as they are impossible to remove through squeezing. They are little balls of fat and skin which are trapped under the skin. Only a chemical exfoliant is going to remove those without scarring. I must stress that these are just recommendations, you must seek professional advice when considering these treatments for your skin issues.

Simply apply a small amount in a thin layer to cleansed skin and leave for at least 10 minutes. Do not apply to the lips or eyelids but I do use it around and under the eyes for any fine lines. It seems to help keep them at bay. Do not rub in. You will feel your skin heat up slightly, if it becomes unbearable then take it off, but it should calm down after a few moments.I'm not going to lie to you, it can feel stingy, especially if you have a couple of spots already. It seems to help clear them out though and they heal a lot quicker after a blast.

You can use this product for up to 30 minutes. You can the remove it with warm water and a cloth/cotton wool or neutralise it with Karin Herzog facial oil to remove later. Your skin will be left feeling soft and glowy. Moisturise well and avoid make up for at least 12 hours to see the full benefit. You skin won't peel off in huge strips, the work has been done so you won't see any flaking or peeling. You will see the effect after first use and more benefit after several treatments.

Before embarking on this treatment, do have a careful think about what you have to do to protect the new skin underneath. Moisturise well, avoid make up for 12 hours, your skin will be sensitive during and after for a few hours and you MUST use a sun block.

Price = £40. If you'd like to know more about the benefits of this product for acne and smoothing the skin, then follow this link to the Karin Herzog website where you can order online.

Size = 30 ml (about the same size as a small perfume bottle)

Value for money? I've had my bottle for over six months and it is still nearly full as only a small sized amount is used per treatment. So it is going to last a long time.

Innovation, I have tried other glycolic acid products, all of which were a little harsh on my sensitive skin. I haven't had any problems with this product and I will be pleased to purchase it when this runs out (in a couple of years!!).

Do you have any skin hero products you'd like to share?

This product was provided for review purposes.


  1. My hero product is Fresh Farmacy from Lush. I use it as a soap and a cleanser and since I use it (6 months) my very reactive and sensitive skin doesn't show any trouble or spot. I never use anything else to clean my face.

  2. Wow have never tried any kind of chemical exfoliant but I'm def interested! This seems like an economical way to go as well! Great review xxx

  3. Very helpful review, unfortunately my skin is too reactive for something like this, but I always like to read about these products. Thanks for the post. Jan


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