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Thursday, 9 September 2010


I spent the afternoon with the lovely ModestyBrown. As soon as I realised that we lived close enough to each other to meet up without an epic journey, I invited her round for tea, cake and a makeover.

We discussed the kinds of looks and styles that Jane likes. We came up with two, an easy out the door look which makes you look like she's had a full night's sleep. The second was a smoky eye look suitable for Jane's eye shape and colouring.

We picked two; the first was inspired by Photographer Amy Dunn and is a natural and nude bronzed look.

Bare faced!

Jane bought with her a sample of Lancome's Photoluminescent foundation, it was quite similar to Nars Sheer Glow. It gave just enough natural coverage to even out the skin tone without covering freckles which I find looks really fresh and natural. I also used it as a concealer by using a smaller brush to apply another layer to any blemishes and under the eyes.

I then used Nip + Fab's under eye concealer and brightener which is quite pink based. This product is an excellent brightener but you have to work fast with the product before it dries and cakes. I find that applying with a brush (or the applicator brush) then blending with clean fingers works best.

Next we moved on the the eyes. Jane has gorgeous, large, clear blue eyes. Her eye shape I would describe as a mix of oriental (inner corner is slightly hooded) and round/deep set. It really is the first thing I noticed about Jane and I wanted to make the most of them.

Taking inspiration from the photograph, I applied an e.l.f's mineral eye shadow primer and matte mineral eye shadow in innocent as a base. I then applied a lightly shimmering cream shadow (from the BeeLuscious A/W 2009 palette called Canary Diamond) to the entire lid and up to the brow bone.

My technique for this eye shape is to apply a mid toned shadow on the outer and inner corners to fake out a deeper crease. I do not apply this shadow in the middle of the crease. This makes the eyes look rounder and less hooded. I used a mixture of Naked and Buck from the Urban Decay Naked palette.

I then applied an e.l.f waterproof liner pen in coffee between the lashes as a very thin line. This served to thicken out the lashes but doesn't close down the eye to make them smaller.

I applied an Alva organic deep black Mascara, naturally water resistant. For a day look I would use just a touch of mascara on top and bottom lashes just to add colour.

Next I used an eye brow wax and powder to frame Jane's eyebrows. I used e.l.f's eye brow kit in medium.

We move on to the lips, I used The Body Shop No 42 which is a pale and sheer peachy pink. Perfect for day time wear and does not require a mirror!

For blush I used a cream blush called Coco Spice from the BeeLuscious A/W 2008 palette followed by e.l.f Blush in Bronzed..

Here are the results, perfect for day wear. I think Jane looks amazingly fresh faced without looking overdone!

Jane's second look was a smoky look inspired by the Bobbi Brown Black Velvet collection. Black smoky eyes are fantastic for drama but if you just want to look good rather than like a wannabe model, it's best to tone it down to more muted colours. It is very rare to see a pure black smoky eye look, the same amount of drama becomes much more feminine if muted colours like blue, brown, plum and green are used instead of just black.

I used a dark bronze eye liner pencil to line the lower water and lash lines (MAC teddy, which Jane has). I then used it to mark out the outer corner of the the eyelid. Then I smudged it and applied eye shadows over the top. I spent ages blending to keep it looking natural. I graduated colours to the inner corner going from smoky brown to chocolate bronzes. I used the BeeLuscious palette again and mixed several brown and black shades (Cognac, Dark Angel, Goldspun and Amber Gold) to create a wearable smoky eye.

On the lips I used a nude gloss, e.l.f's caramel candy luscious liquid lipstick.

Meowwww Tiger!

Smoky night look, a close up.

When Jane got home she applied some false lashes, you can see these photos on her wonderful blog . I heartily recommend you head over for a read and follow Jane's blog.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking and gossipping with Jane about blogging and make up, I hope you like the make overs!


  1. I think both of these looks are absolutely stunning on Modesty. You did an absolutely fab job. I'm jealous I'm so far away!

  2. Looks lovely! both still very natural.

  3. Thank you so much for a fabulous time. I learned so much and was thrilled with the looks. Looking at all your make up was rather exciting too! x

  4. Am so jealous - it's all about the tips, I do think that MUAs properly look at faces, I mean really look, rather than the quick glance we do to ourselves to make sure the eyeline isn't wonky. 2 very wearable looks. Great post. Thankyou Jan

  5. Wow! both looks are gorgeous and so subtle! I think I'll pick up the e.l.f caramel candy luscious liquid lipstick because it looks fab in the pics. Love what you've done with the "bronzed" blush - really warms up the whole look :)

  6. wow very nice! I love the smokey look (am always obsessed with smokey looks, but you nailed it! so sultry)

  7. Well done Jasmine!! Jane's so cute! The smokey eye looks amazing on her!

  8. gorgeous work! modesty looks great in both styles of make up x x

  9. Thank you, it was really good fun, anyone else wanting to feature just needs to be able to get to my studio!


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