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Thursday, 30 April 2009

A Classic Bridal Look

Bridal look
Originally uploaded by oxfordjasmine
One of my favourite parts of being a make up artist is Bridal Make up. Glossy Magazines and Fashion runways are excellent fun too and professional artists may scoff at this part of the business but I just love it.

It is exciting for both me and the bride, together we work out colours to complement the dress, season, time of day of the ceremony, colour scheme and flower arrangements and do a trial run of the make up. This is crucial to understand the bride's skin type and the products that are going to last all day and all night.

Now I come to think of it, it's probably because I am getting married soon and I can't seem to think of much else (apart from going down the gym and working harder than ever so I look great in my dress!).

So the picture on the right is a look I been playing with for a while, something soft and radiant which would suit any bride's colour scheme and complexion.

There is a tutorial for this look, you'll be pleased to hear and it has been edited in to three parts (eyes, lips, face). It's not on my channel but it will feature on a new YouTube channel for a make up company who have asked a few other Gurus and myself to make bespoke tutorials using their products. There is a clue as to who the company is in this paragraph! First one to guess correctly gets a prize, some lovely make up from the company!

Here's the tutorial (Added later on)

The channel is due to launch next week and will kick off with a prize draw for subscribers to win a gorgeous eye shadow from the newest range.

Stay tuned to my Twitter, Blog and YouTube for an announcement in the next week of this new channel and amazing eye shadow give-away!


  1. ELF!!! ha ha!! god i'm cleaver! you look radiant!!

  2. E.L.F I reckon :P

    Lovely look :)

  3. You look so radiant!! Love the look. And I'm not going to guess ;)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. You look gorgeous, I believe you are going to look absolutely beautiful on your wedding!

  6. That sounds really interesting! Also I can see why yo love doing bridal work - Its such a big day and it's lovely to be a part of it xxx

  7. well, I absolutely LOVE ELF, and i'm glad you will be doing tutorials for them! i bought tons of makeup from them and have no idea how to make it look better!

    looking gorgeous as always!

  8. Barry M?
    It's a beautiful look!


  9. Beautiful look!!! Love it.

  10. Beauty from the Earth have a channel now..
    Jasmine you need to make a video about your wedding, you're going to look so gorgeous and it'd be so nice to see what you're going to look like (:


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