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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Call me Unconventional but...

sleek gel eyeliners
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You all know how much I love products with many uses! Sleek's Ink Pot gel eyeliners can be used as an eye shadow base too. There are ten colours to choose from and I chose these two (zest and pumpkin) plus an obligatory black one. I wanted to experiment with waterproof make up for the holiday season which is nearly upon us. I for one am very excited about my holiday in July!

An average sized pot, available from most Superdrug stores and soon online at for under £5 each I think. Most of the range is quite well priced in that way.

I've been playing with the coloured ones as both eyeliner and also eye shadow base and had some interesting results. They dry relatively quickly and are are both rub proof and waterproof. They do not budge for anything except soap or make up remover! The density of colour is easily controlled by using thin layers to build up colour. It does not crease easily either especially if applied underneath eye shadow or loose powder. It does remind me of synchronised swimming make up though, all I need is Vaseline in my hair and the look is complete.

As a liner I would recommend it for every day, as a thin layer eye shadow base it is also good. In a thicker layer it can feel waxy to the touch.

The black gel liner is quite nice and easy to use with a long handled brush. It remains slightly shimmery rather than a matt look of liquid liner, quite nice for a night out I think. I am going to try it next as base for a smokey eye - watch out for the YouTube tutorial.

The one little annoyance is that the little brush it comes with is too small for me and it is easy to drop the brush or slip and end up with a streak where you didn't want it!

Here's the unconventional part...
I also tried something else with these two gel liners. Orange and yellow are two really good redness and dark circle combating colours for Asian skin tones. I think you know where this is going... I used the orange one under my eyes to cover dark circles and the yellow one on an upcoming red spot and then let it dry and put on some foundation. I was suprised that it did have really good coverage of dark circles and redness and no concealer needed.

Sometimes I use lipstick as blusher and eyeshadow for contouring, eyeliners for lipliners and vice versa... who says you need a dedicated product for a particular use or effect, not me!

Do you have any make up products that you use unconventionally? Do tell!


  1. I use the Yellow sleek liner as a base for Chrome by MAC - the only thing I've found that really makes the colour stand out properly! x

  2. I am going to keep an eye out for these in my local superdrug. Can't wait to see your smokey eye look.

    Unfortunately I am not very unconventional with my make up - using lippy as blush is about as far as I go!


  3. Well using tinted moisturizer as a base for foundation is about as crazy as I get.

  4. I've used eyeshadow as a lipcolor & applied a clear gloss over it. (I've got a Youtube vid about that)

  5. I used long wear lipstick as a cream blusher...this is the post in wich I explain it!


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