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Friday, 15 May 2009

Curl it, Wave it, Straighten it, loads of fun with my hair!

RUSK Professional Ceramic Curling Iron, 38mm Ceramic Barrel, 30 Heat Settings

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This big boy is from Sally's and cost £21 in a sale, but do not panic that's why I love Sally's as there is always loads of choice of similar models. I think they were just having a clear out to make way for the nail art section which is now huge and full of exciting things that I am too chicken to use!

I bought this iron because I have a normal curling iron which just gives me small corkscrew curls and a straightener which is less controllable that this large barrel one. It heats to 205 degrees Celsius which is fantastically hot and not actually that necessary for my fine and straight hair which will pretty much do anything you want without using excessive heat. If your hair is thicker and curlier than use the hotter settings gently, quickly and avoid redoing the same section of hair. Also use a heat protection serum or spray to protect your hair whilst styling. I use one from Sally's which is made from Olive Oil it is comparable with Chi but a bit more expensive.

Vidal Sassoon Double Barrel Curling Iron with 3 Heat Settings for Fine, Medium and Thick Hair

Now this is a find, I was waiting for a bus and popped in to a charity shop on the off chance of finding a book I have been searching for but is out of print. There I spied this little double barrel curling iron for £1.75. It had been safety tested so I thought why not, if I don't like it I'll donate it back and someone else can have it. But I love it, it is so easy to use, less fiddly than a curling iron as it's just like a crimper (for those of us old enough to remember that craze!). I used it yesterday and the curl lasted all day and it is still in my hair this morning after a sleep!

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A general tip about heat styling that I have found useful, spray your section to be curled with a bit of hair spray first. The curl will last much longer than spraying afterwards alone. You probably all knew that anyway!

So Charity Shop is a big YAY in my book and also if you're on a spending diet like lots of people are, then it's a great way to get something fun and new for next to nothing. I also love clothes swaps and regularly hold parties with my gal pals and it's amazing what people don't want and when they want your clothes/shoes/accessories that you don't want. I think that's also why I love and too

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  1. hair's unruly though - thick and straight and it won't curl for anyone *meh* :o(


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