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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Skin Saving Essentials - Soothed my irritated and sore skin

Skin Savers
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Those of you who have been following me on Twitter will remember that the other day I was very grumpy and not in a good mood at all. I had been suffering from a severe reaction to something and my face, ears and neck (and hands) were itchy, sore, red and bumpy. I don't know what it was but my fiance started to get the same rash (sympathy pains probably, he is very caring like that). We haven't been using any different products, but just to be safe I boil washed our bedding and steamed the carpets and mattresses and changed back from the washing powder we use to one I know is safe.

It has calmed down with the aid of some prescription antihistamines and steroid cream so I thought I would take you through how I nursed my skin through this painful period where even my usual cosmetics made my skin worse. These products literally saved my skin:

Aqueous cream: what would I do without this stuff, it is great for cleansing and moisturising areas which are inflamed. I used it as a cream cleanser and removed it with a damp muslin cloth then as a moisturiser throughout the day. You can get this from any chemist or pharmacy and it is very cheap.

Anatomicals cooling eye mask. Puffy the eye bag slayer, just perfect for me being a huge Buffy fan! £2.49 from Anatomicals

Aloe Vera Gel and Juice: Aloe vera is a natural antiseptic and contains loads of skin building amino acids which your body doesn't make itself. The gel was great for cooling and moisturising sore skin and reducing swelling. The juice helped to detox and cleanse my system of whatever was irritating my skin. Take it as a shot or in juice, initially you'll want to gag as it's a bitter liquid but it's very good for you, so just keep it down! Also drink plenty of water to help flush out your system when having an allergic reaction. I get mine from Holland and Barrett Health Food Store but you can also get them from some pharmacies too.

Mineral Foundation by Bare Faced Beauty and Mineral Concealer by ELF: for the days when I simply had to go out, and didn't want to face the world looking blotchy and red, I used a mineral make up. I really love these brands as the foundation colour "Sincere" matched with "Apricot" light blush from Barefaced Beauty and ELF Mineral Concealer in Warm are just perfect for me. Mineral make up is so fabulous for your skin because it doesn't contain any oils, free radicals (which damage the skin) or parabens (nasty chemicals). It's really light and doesn't clog up the skin causing spots and blemishes. Bare Faced mineral foundation was just brilliant as it evened out my skin tone and gave me a flawless complexion, can you tell that I am wearing it in the ELF introduction video? My face was red and blotchy but in this video it doesn't look like that! Seriously good stuff but make sure that you use the Kabuki or dense brush so that it is applied thinly or it will look cakey and weird. A Barefaced Beauty Starter kit, not the one in the picture, consisting of a full sized mineral foundation, setting powder and Kabuki brush costs £32 from the website


  1. Bare faced minerals looks like one to try then. I am very pale so struggle to find a mineral foundation to complement my skin tone, and having rosacea I hear so much about how it can help your skin. Grrr!

  2. Have you heard of Forever, the largest growers of Aloe Vera? Their products are amazing. Look here

  3. I had a bad reaction last year was on antihistimines for about 5 months and even saw a dermatologist - it was hives all over if i scratched myself I had welts come up. It was so awful. It was stress in the end! I was sure it was something I had used. Had to wear no makeup for months to try and find the cause that was the killer

  4. Tempted to try the mineral foundation - I've never liked the feel of liquid foundations on my skin so this might be the way forward! :o)


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