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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

New ELF YouTube Channel

As I alluded to about a week ago, ELF has finally launched a YouTube Make Up channel and it aims to be a one stop shop for looks and reviews of their make up.  Yours truly was asked to do the intro video; they are very camera shy people at ELF!  You can see it below too.

If you subscribe to the channel and leave a comment on the above video, you could win one of their gorgeous mineral eye shadows.  I wish you luck choosing which you'd like to win as there are 18 different beautiful shades or you could opt for the lucky dip and let them choose for you!

So far there are 11 videos on the channel with myself, Natalya (FilthyGorgeousMakeUp) and Becky (Sirvinya) using their mineral range to create a range of day, evening and special occasion looks.  I think it's a great idea to have Gurus you know on the channel because we all have different skin tones, eye colours and shapes and facial features. You'll find a look suitable for your features and different tips from each Guru too.  I am so excited and grateful to the guys at ELF;  to be involved is like a dream come true as I have been a fan of ELF cosmetics since they launched in the UK in 2007.  

If you know about ELF you'll know that they are incredibly cost effective (as well as cruelty free) cosmetics and their products start at £1.50!  They don't sell in high street shops, only online at the moment at .  I have the Mineral Glow Bronzing powder and duo ended mascaras in my professional kit as they are amazing!  The mineral blushes are also very finely milled and just work so well (Rose is my favourite). 

If you're a fan of ELF or need to know more then check out the channel and website for more information.

Numerous queries about the Studio line have been coming in, I have no official date of launch yet, but I want to reassure you that they guys at ELF UK are working really hard to get it sorted as they know that we are DESPERATE to get our hands on it!

I just want to add a more personal note of thanks to everyone who has subscribed, commented, rated and emailed their support of what ELF and the Gurus are doing. It was a gamble, I was worried that we might be seen as less independent.  Our channels remain independent of any company.  My channel is my main priority; I am still loving working with loads of different brands, reviewing and making tutorials and will continue! 


  1. ¡¡HI JASMINE!!... I'm Claudia and I live in Colombia (South America). I'm a big fan of your makeup videotutorials on youtube... I learned a lot watching you... I didn't know anything about M.A.C. and now I have expensive pink and honey lust eye shadows and I'm expecting the arrive of my rubenesque paint pot!!!!! I tried to make up my self... My results still haven't found like yours, but I'm trying!!!... I found your blog and now I'm really happy because your reviews and posts are simply ESPECTACULAR... A big hug from Colombia, Claudia

  2. @ ClaudiaR. thank you for your lovely comment, expensive pink and honey lust are just gorgeous eye shadows, good choice! Big hug back! xoxox


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