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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Barefaced Beauty Kit

Barefaced Beauty Kit
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A couple of items from the Barefaced Beauty range.

The mineral foundation in Sincere is a wonderful velvet smooth consistency and gives good coverage, I felt that I perhaps needed to put on a concealer first or use a second covering of foundation with a smaller brush in the undereye area. The colour match was great though and it lasted all day.

With a touch of the Mineral Glow in Sparkling Sand in key areas such as the tops of the cheekbones and down the nose the look was far more natural than a matte canvas.

I sometimes get a bit of dry skin on my cheeks and some minerals can just cake around this, the good ones though won't do this. This one did a bit but after some more buffing with the Kabuki it was fine.

The blusher in Apricot was light and well pigmented so I didn't need to use very much to get a lovely glow on my cheekbones.

My favourite has to be a mineral lipstick and lipgloss, both are highly pigmented, smooth and last a good while on the lips.

The eyeshadows were light and silky, however be careful of the Earth mineral eyeshadow as it's a very dark brown and I found it a bit difficult to blend. However, used wet it was a gorgeous eyeliner.

The Kabuki brush was super cute, and after a wash and condition it wasn't rough on the skin, I normally use a Taklon one which is very soft.

All in all I liked the blusher and lipgloss/lipsticks the most for the high pigmentation which meant I hardly had to use any!

A Barefaced Beauty Starter kit, not the one in the picture, consisting of a full sized mineral foundation, setting powder and Kabuki brush costs £32 from the website

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