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Friday, 24 April 2009

Coastal Scents new lipgloss range "Smacks" Ass!

The new range of Coastal Scents "Smacks" lipglosses landed in my hot little hands today, and I had to share my excitement with you.

There are stunning 21 colours and you'll be sure to find one to suit every mood, occasion and look. Each 1.5g tube comes with a little brush rather than a foam pad applicator that tends to wipe off as much as it applies! It's pretty sticky stuff but it is very similar to MAC's lipglass in terms of texture, density of colour and application style.

The names are very entertaining; from top to bottom of the columns in the picture. Then left to right of the three columns we have:

Column 1 - the peaches/coppers/reds
Pucker - clear gloss
Cosmic - sheer baby pink with silver and pink glitter
Near Peach - no glitter, dense peachy/pink
Coral Funk - mid tone pink with gold and peach glitter
O Scarlet - sheer red with gold, purple and light green glitter
Bohemian Orange - warm nutty brown with bronze shimmer
Sheer Crimson - spicy pinky brown with silver shimmer

Column 2 - the pinks
Strut on Nude - creamy baby pink with silver shimmer
Odyssey - bubblegum pink with silver shimmer
Pep Pink - strawberry icecream colour - no shimmer
Carlotta - sheer mid pink with a small amount of silver shimmer
Flippin Hot - hot pink with gold shimmer
Sweet Anna - sheer lilac/pink
Monroe a Go Go - dark pink with silver shimmer

Column 3 - the browns/tans/plums
Sheer Tan - light brown with gold glitter
Oasis - neutral beige pink
Mega Mauve - sheer dark brown/pink with gold shimmer
Plum Crazy - mid purple with lots of gold shimmer
Fusion - royal purple with lots of pink shimmer
Copper Flame - spicy reddy brown with copper shimmer
Star Dustin - dark brown with gold and pink shimmer

If you click on the picture it will take you to my Flickr page, there are few swatches of my faves.

Now as there are so many to choose from, I've thought about how you could wear them and here are my recommendations:

Day - I've picked colours which are light, nude or only slightly shimmery for their natural look.

Pucker (Clear), Near Peach, Strut on Nude, Oasis, Sheer Tan, Carlotta, Monroe a Go Go, Mega Mauve

Evening - I've picked colours which have more shimmer, depth and warmer colour and can be worn on their own. Some have no shimmer but would work very well over the top of a lipstick for a wet shine look.

Pep Pink, Sweet Anna, Plum Crazy, Sheer Crimson, Star Dustin, Bohemian Orange, Copper Flame

Wham, Bam, Thank you Glam! - These are the hottest and most glittery, worn on their own or over the top of a lipstick for extra Shazaaaam!

Odyssey, Cosmic, Coral Funk, Flippin Hot, Fusion, O Scarlet


  1. Those look fab! I've seen them all over Youtube. I'm getting impatient for my parcel from CS, it was posted nearly 2 weeks ago!!

  2. Love your youtube channel and I love your reviews! Merry Christmas and I look forward to many more vids in the New Year!


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