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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Girls Aloud Lashes Tutorial

Today after no deliberation what so ever I marched in to Superdrug and demanded to know where the Girls Aloud lashes were being kept. Half expecting them to be behind a glass counter for protection!

I found that I was not the only on "eyeing" them up (aha! Did you see what I did there...?). I ummed and ahhed over which to get, I thought I would go for Nadine's but decided on Cheryl's in the end. I could easily have bought them all and might well go back and get the rest!

The glue isn't that great it is a bit like that copydex glue so it goes all rubbery and sticks to your lashes when removing the falsies. Still I have some other lash glue that I will use in future.

For less than £5 you can purchase a set of very nice falsies, they are a bit fragile so be careful when removing and replacing them in the box and getting any old glue off them.

I did a Cheryl-esque tutorial today and here's the link.

If you're a false lashes fiend like me then why stop at these? In Superdrug at the moment, it's a buy one get one half price on most of them and they have a much better choice than Boots.


  1. Hiya Oxford Jasmin,

    I just picked up all 5 of the limited edition Eylure Girls Aloud Lashes from superdrug! for £4.89 They are available until 6th may! but my local superdrug had loads of all the lashes :D im dissapointed to hear the glue is crap! :( think I will buy separate glue then trying the one in the packet then!! cheers xox! Think I will try and do my 1st post on them over the weekend if possible :) XX

  2. damm this is like the 4th time ive heard about these in 2 days, dammit somebody send them to the us!! By the way I started blogging too...So check it out!!


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