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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

OxfordJasmine FAQs

Some of these are answered on my channel page but I still get asked a lot of random questions so I thought I'd address them here:

Are you Pakistani, Arabic, Indian or whatever?
I am an Indian woman, born and raised in England where I currently live.

What is that scar on your forehead?
It's a scar and I love it as it's part of me.

Why are you cruelty free?
Because the price of beauty is too high if it means animals must suffer an agonising existence. I have two rescue cats and I love them to pieces, the thought of them suffering for my make up just doesn't make any sense to me. It's easy to be cruelty free, there is a massive choice of products, most available from your local chemist or supermarket or just accessible online.

Do you get send loads of free make up?
Sadly I do not, I buy a lot of it myself especially the newest collections. I won't always review or use items that I have been sent if I cannot make them work for me - I will give feedback to the company and hope that they will listen and refine it. I prefer to just talk about the good experiences that I have with make up.

Do you make a lot of money as a YouTube Partner?
Oh how I wish I could live off the Partner income, that would be wonderful. It's a love of make up which keeps me making my videos. The odd cheque is a lovely bonus which means I don't have to do overtime and I can spend more time making tutorials!

Have you ever modelled?
Yes when I was 16. I decided to stop modelling when I went to University as it was difficult to fit the two in.

I am proud of my size 12/10 curves, I enjoy desserts, cooked breakfasts and chocolate and I go to the gym almost every day to stay fit. I don't believe in diets or starving yourself to maintain a slim figure, exercising and healthy eating are enough.

How do you keep your skin looking nice?
Firstly I make sure I drink plenty of water, I don't use heavily coloured or perfumed products as they bring me out in a rash. I used to suffer from Roseacea and occasionally get break outs of it on my cheeks. There is no treatment and it's sore, red and raised and takes ages to go away! When that happens I go back to basics of cleansing, moisturising and sunscreen is a must. Sunscreen is your biggest friend, use it every day and you'll stay younger looking.

Why did you train to be a make up artist?
A few years ago I decided to pursue the things I had a massive interest in but had never had time to try out. Turns out I was really good at plastering, carpentry and make up. So I chose make up for the better working conditions and I don't have to work with men who find it difficult to comprehend a female plasterer!

Do you do requests?
By all means email me and ask, I love to hear about the kinds of looks you like. I can't promise to do them as I have a huge backlog of looks and reviews as well as professional tips to do also.

Please bear in mind that it can takes hours to film, edit and upload a video! If you want a bit of advice or ideas for a special occasion then ask me for a colour scheme rather than a video. Please do not to be offended if I reply that I can't do your request, it's nothing personal, I just don't have enough time to do them all.

Do you do makeovers?
Yes I am available for makeovers, bridal and editorial work. Just drop me an email to find out more about my rates and locations.

And finally before you ask me a question that isn't one of the above...
I really appreciate your positive Comments, Ratings, Twitterings, Subscriptions and Blog views; it's because of your support that I am able to promote cruelty free make up and hopefully play a part in ending cosmetic animal testing for good.

Despite being on YouTube and open to public curiosity, I don't answer personal questions about my life so don't be offended if I don't reply to your question, perhaps consider how protective you would feel if a stranger wanted to know the intimate details of your life!


  1. In reference to your use of sunscreen, can you recommend an affordable brand of sunscreen that I can wear under my makeup (or at least what I should look for in a product)? Every time I try to wear spf, the action of putting my foundation on top rubs it off into these little particles that stick to my face! Some foundations have spf, but I'm starting to get freckles, so I think their spf isn't intensive enough (I moved to a warm climate in August and now I am experiencing my first spring here!)

    Also, could you perhaps include some info in a tutorial on what makeup to wear for warm weather? I want to look nice, even if I start sweating the moment I walk out the door. thanks!

  2. Love the blog, I also suffer from Rosacea which has been flaring up lately due to stress :-/

    You look beautiful by the way, curves for the win!


  3. Cassandra, I use Clinique Factor 30 sunscreen it is about £12 and lasts ages so well worth it. It is not greasy and doesn't melt in to your eyes and make you cry! It also doesn't make you look purple like some sunblocks can. Leave it 10 mins before putting foundation on to let the sunscreen settle and sink in.

  4. thank you very much...I'll have to look into that :) I have had trouble with spf burning my eyes too!


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