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Friday, 24 April 2009

MAC Studio Mist Foundation Review

MAC spray foundation
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This foundation has some amazing benefits but also clear disadvantages, as does any type of foundation. I'm going to list out the ones I have found and let you decide whether you think it's worth trying it or not.

+Amazingly light, very similar to airbrushing but not as flawless
+It doesn't feel like you're wearing anything on your face
+Good even coverage all over and colour match
+Quick - 10 seconds and you're done
+No real need to blend, but you can buff it with a large Kabuki brush
+Does not clog pores
+No need for primer or powder to set
+Great for all skin types

-It takes a few applications to get it just right and it is easy to go overboard
-If you need concealer, put it on first
-Application is not as controllable as airbrushing.
-If you are like me and touch your face a lot during the day, the foundation goes patchy as it is such a fine layer.
- Limited colour range
- MAC don't seem to make it anymore!

I honestly really like this product because it is so quick and the coverage is very good, which when I am rushing about is just a treasure. I can live with the disadvantages (apart from it not being available after the CCO runs out!). It costs £16 for a cannister which is roughtly the same size as a regular studio liquid foundation and is available in three shades (I use Dark).

Have you ever used it, what did you think? Would you use it to achieve an airbrushed effect?


  1. Ty for the review. I've never used it personally, but I believe it has gone PRO only now.

  2. Ive allways stayed away from spray foundation like this just cuz of the patchiness of the application, but i havent seen this on the Pro site but ill check it out and let you know.


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