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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Sleek Divine Eye Shadow Palettes

A good alternative to the vibrant and gritty colours in the Urban Decay range I would say, quite richly pigmented but more powdery. What you see in the palette is pretty true to what you will swatch if you pick up enough of the eye shadow. If you're lucky enough to have a Superdrug near you that stocks this range then it's worth an amble down there to try it. For around £5 each, it's pretty good value for 12 shades to play with.

Left: Chaos palette, 12 gorgeous and vibrant matte shades.
Right: The Original palette, again 12 sexy and metallic colours.

Here's the link to the holiday/clubbing look where I used the Original Sleek Palette.


  1. I have these and they are pretty decent!
    For the price, you cant go wrong.

  2. i have one too and theyare really good value! xxx

  3. These are such good value, I have all 3 pallets and use them all the time. The colours mix well too so its worth getting the full range so you can create your own!

  4. I like your blog + vids and I love those Sleek palettes! I wish I could buy some Sleek products but I live in the wrong country.:-(
    Enjoy your palettes!

  5. Thanx for the info Jasmine!

  6. I have these too - love them! :o)

  7. those look absolutely delish! i wish i could get them here in the states!

  8. This is what I exactly think about these amazing palettes from Sleek. I have also done reviews on these palettes, check it out if you like to :)


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