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Monday, 27 April 2009

Thank you Summer Secret Santa!

Summer Secret Santa
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A big thanks to my Summer Secret Santa, organised by the lovely Rebecca (Pandadoesmakeup) - she is some kind of genius to be sure.

Picture this, I sit in my office alone and it's raining and grey outside; the kind of Monday where I wished I wasn't so conscientious in coming in to work for a day of mind numbing chores.

Then I get a buzz from reception "Jasmine there is a package here for you". After the initial "is if for me or the company?", I am delighted to hear that it is indeed for me! Could it be? My Summer Secret Santa?

Racing downstairs, I rip open the jiffy bag and to the envy of the reception girls begin to take out the items. "Nadine's Lashes, how cool, I love those", "Such a lovely bracelet" " ooh an eye shadow palette from Storm"... they coo, but they aren't having any of it! It's all mine along with the animal print mirror which will live in my handbag, and the funky toe separators!

I've already put the eye shadow on as I was going to have a make up free Monday but I couldn't resist the creamy Sleek eyeshadows. There are a couple of matte ones in the Storm palette which are perfect for every day looks.

So thank you whoever you are Secret Summer Santa, you made my mundane Monday a real treat!



  1. Yay lots of cool goodies :) Glad you recieved it okay and liked it :) Did you get a clue to who your swapper was? Have you found out yet?

  2. Nice! I have that palette - love the browns :o)

  3. what a nice break from the mundane!

    I just wanted to let you know I found a very cool cruelty-free cosmetic company called Everyday Minerals.
    I got one of their sample kits and I am loving it! 3 mini foundations, 1 mini concealer and 1 blush of your choice for free! I'm not sure if they ship to the UK, but it seems the sort of thing that is right up your alley.

  4. Thanks Cassandra, I shall be checking them out!


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