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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My favourite Cruelty Free Brands

Being cruelty free is getting a lot of attention at the moment thanks to Pixiwoo's interest in animal testing of cosmetics. I am really happy about their decision to investigate this area and have offered advice on how to go cruelty free in the future.

A few years ago it was very difficult to lead a cruelty free lifestyle, it is very difficult to find and get information from companies about their manufacture and ethical concerns. This has left the way clear for lots of new and exciting ethically and environmentally conscious companies to break in to this area and lead the way. Slowly other companies are seeing the potential of the green conscious currency and are putting in the effort to become cruelty free. I am delighted to see mainstream brands like Superdrug, Argos, Marks and Spencer and The Co-operative taking the lead in this area.

I decided to write down some of my favourite brands and items from their ranges I like and why. Obviously not all cruelty free cosmetics perform fantastically, as with all make up - what suits one person won't suit another. I hope you consider these brands above others, simply because they share the same beliefs that beauty doesn't have to cost the earth, cause pain and suffering to animals or exploit developing countries.

Make Up

e.l.f - Star products for me are Eye Liner Pens, Eye Brow Lifter and Filler, Mineral Booster (tinted).

Beauty Without Cruelty - My favourite products are their lipsticks - so creamy and incredibly pigmented.

Lily Lolo - although I am in between shades, the mineral foundations are lovely. Even more so are their blushes, which are pigmented, soft and matte. At 75p a sample you can afford to experiment until you find your perfect products.

Urban Decay - Although a lot of this brand is about shimmer and rock, you can't fault their soft and pigmented eye shadows, creamy lipsticks and I am a fan of the cream to powder foundations. As for the 24/7 Liners, well they are the best I've tried. Smudgy and pigmented. This is rather an expensive brand for fun items like eye shadows, but the boxed sets are good value. The Naked Palette is my latest purchase.

Skin Care

Karin Herzog. These have really helped my rashy, red and sensitive skin become more bearable and dare I say it normal! Again on the more expensive side, but the Glyco Rose Serum is one of my hero products.

Liz Earle - I feel that this is an expensive and yet fairly ordinary brand. I also think that the skin care range is quite strong for sensitive, easily annoyed skin. I don't tend to buy this very often but the footcare range and also the new shampoo are rather good. Since there is only one type of shampoo for the moment, it is good for all the family. My sister does quite like the Cleanse and Polish.

Alva - This unassuming brand has quite bowled me over, simple packaging, no overly irritating perfumes or colourants. Effective and gentle products which have calmed and soothed my skin without making a big deal of it!

Lush - I use the Lush spray toner to remove cleansing oils, such as Dermalogica Precleanse, and to freshen up on hot days. It's cheap and cheerful, reliable and effective.

Hair Care
Naked Hair Care - Available in Boots and online. I quite like the conditioning treatments.

Original Source - Easily available in High Street stores and supermarkets. Items are cost effective and there is plenty of choice of fragrances and hair types.

Naked Body Care - My favourite from the range is the Cocoa de la Mer bath foam, it has an unusual but feminine scent which I reach for most bathtimes!

Original Source - Again a large choice of fruity fresh products for shower and bath. Passionfruit is one of my favourite scents.

LUSH - who doesn't love a bath ballistic?

Faith in Nature products can be found in Waitrose and Oxfam stores, I like to buy in Oxfam because then I am getting something I want and the profits go to a charitable organisation. Charity and cosmetics, two of my favourite pastimes!

O.P.I - My favourite from the ever growing range is Going on Green.

e.l.f - again a growing range of colours. The formulas vary depending on which shade you go for, the latest matte shades are creamy whereas the shimmery shades tend to be sheer needing more than two coats.

BWC - just relaunched with exciting and contemporary shades, beautifully glossy and hard wearing.

Rebel Nails - I first sought these out as an alternative to nail polish as my nails were very weak and needed a rest from polish and remover. These are easy to use and you can achieve fabulous designs and finishes without being a nail artist!

Marks and Spencers, The Co-Operative Faith in Nature (found in Oxfam stores nationwide)
These brands are cruelty free so you can get your washing up liquid, dishwashing detergent, baby products and all household products here.

Clothes - I haven't explored this totally yet, I do try to buy ethically on the High Street but I am very happy to recommend Rapa Nui. They kindly sent me a Bamboo T-shirt and some socks. I liked them so much I went back and bought two more tops and a top for my hubby too! These are the softest and lightest T-shirts and so comfortable! I will be back for the rest of the range as soon as I can!

I would be delighted to hear about your favourite ethical and cruelty free brands, I am all ears/eyes! Specially with Christmas coming up and I like to buy ethically for friends and family wherever I can.


  1. This is great. People need to know this. Unfortunately Coty is taking over OPI and Coty are not an ethical brand. I'm not buying any more OPI because of the Coty-connection.

  2. Oh this is great! Unfortunately most brands are not available in France/Italy, but it does make my wishlist grow! And knowing this at least makes for a more informed purchase.
    I love that e.l.f. is cruelty free and expanding their ranges as they are affordable and great quality for the price. Dare I say, even better quality than some pricier items! Of course, as with everything the quality differs from product to product, but the fact that you recommend them so much (and I believe in your honest opinion despite you being affiliated with them) truly is uplifting.

    Unfortunately I don't know any others to recommend from the countries I'm in, but if I come across anything I'll be sure to let you know. Have a great day!

  3. I so estimate that your make up is always cruelty free. I would never buy a product of make up that has been tested or give any pain to animals. In France we have all the brands of make up you know and some others too as Couleur Caramel, l'Occitane, Yves Rocher etc... and also cruelty free household products brands as l'Arbre Vert. At last, people in Europe seems to be more concerned with animal respect.

  4. A really great post. It's very interesting as with some of the brands, I didn't actually realise they were Cruelty Free. I totally agree with you about the Lily Lolo blushers. I have a sample and it's such a nice texture to work with. I've also just remembered that I stood with you at the UD counter and totally forgot to get Naked lipstick. It's been on my to buy list for ages. I'm such a noodle!
    MB x

  5. Interesting post:) It's great to know that M&S have cruelty free household products. I wasn't aware of that xx

  6. @MB something to put on your Christmas list for Mr MB!

  7. Hello! May i just say that i admire your 100% cruelty free status. Alot of people say they will be cruelty free all the way but will not give up their favorite animal testing brands in the long run. I remember the first video i saw of yours you made such an excellent point, it wasn't that boycotting these companies would magically change them it was simply about the fact that if a mascara or face serum had to be tested on a defenseless animal then it was simply not worth buying. You could do without. I have tried my best to stick to that principle. Finding the truth about companies has been the hardest thing.I have a question i have heard that companies like Mehron and Ben Nye (theatrical makeup) is cruelty free. Do you know about this? Thank you in advance if your able to help!


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