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Thursday, 2 December 2010

e.l.f Bamboo Complexion Brush vs ecoTOOLS Powder Brush

This is such an obvious post, but I thought I'd head it off at the pass. e.l.f have launched their eagerly awaited sustainably sourced Bamboo Brushes. It's natural to compare them to their main competitor and probably inspiration, ecoTOOLS. ecoTOOLS started life just like e.l.f in the US. It is sold mainly through large chemists and supermarkets such as Walmart. They have finally made their way over to Europe and can now be found mainly in Boots and Tesco.

As a side point, please let me apologise for the state of my e.l.f powder brush, I use it every day so in these photos it isn't clean! But it is normally a soft creamy white colour and when washed, returns to that colour.

The main difference is the price, as expected the e.l.f brush is slightly cheaper at £5.50 and the ecoTools brush is £8.99. The e.l.f Bamboo brush range has a static price of £5.50 a brush whereas the ecoTOOLS are priced differently depending on the brush, so some of the smaller brushes like the angled eyeliner ecoTOOLS brush may be cheaper by about 50p.

Both brands are also available in sets which offer significant value for money if you are interested in more than four brushes. The 5 piece ecoTOOLS is around £14.99 and the e.l.f set is £20.

I will say that having tried both sets, they are identical types of brushes however there is a difference in the e.l.f eye brush as it is basically a C brush which is dense and fluffy, whereas the ecoTOOLS is flat and so not as versatile. That's the main difference I can see.

The density of the brush head is very similar, it is very hard to feel the difference.
The e.l.f brush is softer though.

The ecoTools brush head is slimmer and more tapered. The e.l.f Complexion brush head is fluffier and bigger.

The e.l.f brush is slightly longer and the brush head is bigger. They both weigh about the same.

It is refreshing to see that both are good quality brushes that have considered environmental impacts of their manufacture. Do you consider ecological sustainability when choosing whether a brush is good value?


  1. you convinced me to order the e.l.f. brushes!
    thank you for reviewing.

  2. Thanks for the review.
    I was thinking about buying the new bamboo elf brushes but I wasnt sure because I LOVE ecotools.
    for me cruelty free is a MUST!!!

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  5. I was thinking of getting a few of the elf ones but wasn't sure on the quality so this is a useful post. I have a few ecotools brushes that I really like and are very good quality. Thanks for the comparison.

  6. thank u for the review! we dont have the new one in aust yet!

  7. A feather what E.L.F. does not send for other countries of the South America, I am in Brazil and only I managed to buy 2 brushes because a youtuber subs friendly bought and sent for me. The problem they were the taxes of imports. I had to pay 10 times more in the value of each brush.
    I would adore to use ecological, here in Brazil we do everything to preserve the forest, though the rest of the world thinks the opposite. What passes in the broadcasting stations of tv, not always they correspond to the reality.
    But this is another point..
    I would like that enterprises with ecological products were sending for any part of the world. This would be important for the preservation.

  8. I love EcoTools! I was looking at the ELF brushes recently but will probably stick to EcoTools as they are always available at my local stores. I recently got the retractable kabuki and bronzer brushes during a BOGO 50% off sale. They are both so great! The bronzer brush's base is so thick that it can stand up straight on its own which is handy. The retractable kabuki is the real gem though-- retracting it at different positions allows you to change the density of the brush. I can use it dense for concealing spots, semi-dense for buffing in foundation, and loose for blush and powder. Plus it is travel friendly of course. I love IT! :)


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