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Monday, 20 December 2010

Clearstep Braces - Thoughts and Experience

If you're unhappy with your teeth and have been thinking about visiting your Orthodontist, here are my thoughts on the Clearstep plastic brace system. I have been using this system for about 4 months and I have about 3 months left to go. I will then wear a retainer at night forever to keep them in position.

If you've had Clearstep or Invisalign then let me know your thoughts too. Don't mind the camera in this video, the tripod was gently sliding off to the left!

The nails wraps I am wearing in this video are from Rebel Nails, and I am currently on day 10 of wear. I might change them soon but they show no signs of coming off by themselves!


  1. I had braces for 6 years in high school, but I never wore my retainer, so now my teeth aren't as straight as they should be. I was just talking about invisalign with my dentist on Saturday! She said b/c I only need minor tweaks they would be perfect for me, however, I feel like I need to shop around because she wants 5K for them. Is that normal, or is that over priced? I asked my parents and they only paid $2,800 for my actual braces.

  2. If you've had all your major movement via conventional braces, I think these work really well. If I needed major work then I would go for metal fixed braces as they are cheaper and quicker. I can't possibly comment on the price having only had mine and in the UK. I think you are right to shop around for a few quotes.

  3. I had my braces when I was still in high school. Yet before that I have my retainers and again retainers after having my braces for two years. I have been a very good patient, according to my Tucson, AZ dentists. Though the process really includes years, I'm satisfied with my new teeth and the dental job done by my Tucson dentist. Braces' pain will all paved off after seeing the result. Ask your dentist, they know best!


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