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Monday, 6 December 2010

Ask Jasmine - Mascara Alternatives.

Q: LOVE your videos! I am (almost) 33 years old and embarrassingly JUST NOW learning how to use makeup correctly (foundation? concealer? :-D ). Your videos have helped immensely.

I occasionally am afflicted with mild angular blepharitis outbreaks (red, irritation at the outer corner of my eyes) and find that removing mascara is evil as it tends get stuck right at the corners and under my eyes when I use make-up removers, aggravating the condition.

Do you know of any alternatives to conventional mascara that is super easy to remove?

A: Have your eye lashes dyed as even if your eye lashes are already dark it will lengthen them as it dyes the very tip of the lashes which are transparent.

Curl you lashes using a mechanical curler and then use the clear mascara to hold the curl. However this won't create volume, but you can achieve this with lash infills(extensions which are place between your lashes) but they are expensive to maintain.

Using a thin eye liner creates volume as well. Use this video from my channel for tips.

Also consider using strip lashes as an altenative as they are easy to remove (with a warm damp face cloth then gently pull the lashes away).

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  1. How about using baby oil instead of make up removers?

    The idea of strip lashes is superb, too. So you wouldn't have to use any volume mascara.


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