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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Post Christmas Cleanse and De-Stress

Feeling a little stressed post Christmas or wanting to prepare your skin for New Year's Eve? My de stress facial will help!


  1. Hi there, Oxford Jasmine! I have been watching your videos and find them very useful, especially the face care ones…I am having some trouble finding the product that would best suit me and I thought I might get some help from you. Just to let you know, I am 21, asian and have normal/combination skin. I do get oily on my forehead and on my nose every now and then, but other than that, I normally don’t have many problems with my face. I have never really had acne, other than the odd spot, which I am sure is normal for everyone. I have tried the Simple range products, so the cleanser, toner and moisturiser and they seemed to work alright, but didn’t really make much a difference. I am currently using The Body Shop’s Tea tree oil products and I am not too happy with these, as I ended having more pimples using it than I did before. I am really confused now and don’t really know which products are the best for me. Any help will be much appreciated!

  2. Hi, Tea tree is really for oily acne prone skin, so for your skin try something more gentle like an oil cleanser used on a dry face then removed with wet hands or cloth. I like Dermalogica Pre Cleanse or something similar. No need to tone if using a facial wash and use a light moisturiser and use a minimal amount on the T-zone.

  3. Thanks for your reply! Isnt Dermalogica quite expensive? I have to finish this bottle of tea tree oil anyways as I had spent nearly 20 pounds purchasing it...Should I stop using this product and switch to another one and use tea tree oil less frequently? Could you suggest me another brand, something cheaper maybe?


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