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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Gone but not forgotten, the exit interview!

This is a post about some products I have recently finished and I thought I would give them an exit review.
From left to right

Alva Sanddorn Facial Tonic £15.50/100ml. A pretty great toner even if I do say so myself. I used it remove my cream cleansers. It is great for dry skin as it is alcohol free and very gentle. It doesn't have a sticky feeling that you can sometimes get with alcohol free toners that rely on lots of glycerin to hydrate. Although is contains a few oils it does not feel oily either. It also doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. I did power through it quite quickly and I'll give a few other toners a go before I decide whether to purchase a new bottle.

Amie Bright Eyes Very Gentle Make-up Remover. £4.75/125ml. I used to be able to buy this at Superdrug but I haven't been able to find it but it is available from the website. I did like this eye make up remover, it really is gentle on the eyes with no drying or stinging. It does lift off make up and shadow very easily. However it is no match for waterproof, cream or pencil/wax make up, that's half of my eye make up! So I won't be replacing this bottle.

Faith in Nature Seaweed Shower Gel & Bath Foam £3.70/400ml. I think this range is superb if you're looking for a eco-ethical-conscious brand. It's such an easy buy and choice. The smell and bubbles were acceptable however I did have to use a lot of it in a bath. As a consequence, I rocketed through this bottle! I would buy this again, simply as I support this brand. You can buy it from Oxfam stores, so I am only too happy to buy and also give at the same time.

Original Source Summer Shower Gel. Prices range from £1 to £3 depending on offers. Available from Supermarkets and Chemists. A brilliant all round shower gel that both my husband and I use every day. I have just started using the Winter edition (Pepper and Cardamom) which is heavenly. I normally stock up on these when they are on offer, as well the handwashes. I will certainly be buying more of this in the future, but perhaps not this scent. I am more keen on buttery/woody scents than fruit.

LUSH Breath of Fresh Air Skin Toner £3.25/100g bottle. I mainly used this during the summer as a skin refresher, a lovely fresh rose and rosemary scent. I have since repurchased this in the larger size and Eau Roma which I think will suit me more for winter. I use this to remove cream cleaners or a quick spray if I've used a wet cloth to remove face wash products.

Liz Earle Hand Repair £14.50 for 100ml. This is a small travel sized tube, and I am quite glad I find that some Liz Earle face products for me tend to be quite dry and sticky. The exception being the Foot Repair Cream which is marvellous. Since I have finished this tube of Hand Repair I use the Foot Repair on my hands. I do love the smell of this hand cream however, a delicate orange flower is one of my favourite scents.

So that was my mini exit review for a few products I have recently finished. Do you have any products that you'd give an exit review, or recommendations?

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